Dịch vụ SEO website có những loại hình phổ biến nào?

Nowadays, the website SEO services are increasingly appearing in many different types. However, not everyone knows the popular types of this service. To answer questions about common types of website SEO services, please read the following information.

What are the popular types of website SEO services?

There are many types of website SEO services today

Global Website SEO Service

In recent times, global website SEO services have been chosen by many people. Compared to other SEO services Website SEO overall brings more benefits. Because this service is optimized for large-scale websites, the entire website.

For this service, the optimal strategies for the website will be planned in detail, researching all the keywords of the company’s field of activity. Therefore, the company website will increase traffic and reach more users.

Keyword Website SEO Services

What are the popular types of website SEO services?

Keyword SEO is a popular type of website SEO service.

Type website SEO services depending on the keyword, it is a very popular service. This service will optimize primary keywords to increase high rankings on search engines. Generally, optimized keywords are target keywords tailored to the business activities of the company.

In this service, keywords will be researched and evaluated to develop relevant content accordingly. When users search for related keywords, the company’s website will be suggested at the top.

Local Website SEO Service

What are the popular types of website SEO services?

Local SEO is a type chosen by many businesses

Among website SEO services, this is the type chosen by many large and small businesses. The purpose of this local SEO is to help the business website appear first with relevant searches in a specific region.

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When users search for related keywords, in addition to the company website displayed at the top, the company information will also be displayed in the area closest to the user, the specific body address as well as the contact phone number.

Once deployed website SEO services This helps businesses increase customer trust and increase conversion rates. Not only does it grow the business on the online platform, but it also helps customers find the nearest store to make their purchases.

Website SEO services today are extremely diverse and have many different types. In addition to the above types, there are many other SEO services that businesses can choose to deploy appropriately depending on each objective.