Marketing 0 đồng là gì? Cách Marketing 0 đồng hiệu quả nhất hiện nay

Marketing 0 VND What is this? The most effective way to market 0 dong Currently. In business Whatever the activity, marketing always requires a large sum of money to be able to produce successful campaigns. TO WITHDRAWWrite below will be answers all question for you.

What is 0 dong marketing?

Marketing 0 VNDMarketing 0 VND

Reality, define marketing 0 dong is instead of wasting money execute marketing activities, the seller chooses how don’t waste money. DIt is type of delivery after late delivery but has much more potential methods Traditional marketing.

Advantage Marketing app 0 dong

Required raison This form of 0 dong marketing will receive support from many people. very crowded business No matter the size, large or small, this method is applied. DFirst of all, you have to understand that orient oneself at the moment amended. People go to to use types social network with number of repetitions High. It is therefore perfectly logical to carry out a communication on this platform. Such, you can simple communicate And can connect some large quantities user social network purchase. All topics, ages, genders appear here so we can disseminate product wide that.

Whether Before When performing marketing, we have to spend money to print kinds attach & It takes effort to stick And spread everywhere, it’s different. Only with Quick Timethis form of Marketing will bring a lot get better results Before.

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The most effective way to market 0 dong Currently

Marketing 0 VNDMarketing 0 VND


  • canal building business via Facebook.
  • interact with posts To belong to friend Before business.
  • Build Relationships good for customers.
  • If there is no interaction, When you display Facebookthey won’t see it because of the News Feed’s filtering algorithm.

Publish with selective content

When you intend to post job on the page, you should start to discover carefully the needs of your customers for your products and services in order to select Content Fit. Many of you still mistakenly believe that the more you post, the better. But there is an error. You can will lose an amount Customers are likely to buy Whether posts Your message still appears on the customer’s bulletin board with “soft” content.

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Apply the principle of “reciprocity”

Content of articles appearing on the News Feed will follow the EdgeRank algorithm of Facebook, it is not difficult for you to apply this algorithm. Please create an interaction on Posts of your customers like drop feeling, comment. Your interactions with job the more customers, the more each time you post, customers there see posts yours appear on their newsfeed.

Number of repetitions It will be very easy to see your products a lot make an impression & Curiosity with customers. By that, you can very quickly closed many orders from them. DIt is the two-way interaction of the algorithm Facebook.

Don’t post a lot of duplicate content

This issue often seen in groups, business for abuse marketing plan free to post inappropriate content. Even duplicate content spam makes group members feel uncomfortable. So you have to save & Creative spirit new content may cause sympathy GOOD.

Take advantage of social networks

Research has shown that only 1-2% all online purchases made directly via social networks; However 71% would consider the suggestion on the Internet social in decide to make a purchase their. SO take advantage of channels like Facebook; instagram social networkYoutube….at disseminate brands, products/services.

There are advertising channel don’t waste money When you know how to take advantage of it. Furtherthese channels bear the number user extremely large, you can operate it comfortably without worrying about costs.

Create a personal brand

On social networking sites, there are a lot Content dissimilaritythere are many people who have very many subscribers, because they already know how create your own values. Never post negatives, express feelingbecause it would be makes lack of readers trust in you.

Instead thereyou must post content that shows who you are, StrongOr advantages your, aim towards products or services that you foreseen community.

Create value

Surfing Facebook once, you will be see all kinds of news, from the house fire, the death, the rape, to the sale of organs, to the fights, to the swearing…, a lot negative information. If you who is desire business on my personal profile It is taboo thing. You need job However information create value for the viewer (reading).

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Marketing Channels 0 VND

Marketing 0 VNDMarketing 0 VND

Website sell

a wwebsite business official is the thing important required When business or personally wish businessbecause it will be the face And represent your brand.

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E-mail Marketing

Talk about “free” marketing is impossible mention Em-shapeAll. to use E-mail do marketing for those Customers are likely to buy as customer service old not only for those who business big, but also the business Small is still able to perform.

Account Marketing Facebook individual

Business per account Facebook page personal is the way First of all easy And simple the most executed. Customers go trust you by individuality And pre-existing real relationships, all question related to the product they know well contact have.

Marketing strategy 0 dong via Youtube

As Facebook page, It is implementation channel marketing plan 0 is extremely efficient. With a large volume user to use youtube, of course, you can’t miss this lucrative bait. By post it clip to the channel; so enough attract would be extremely attractive the viewers. If it’s a lot clip similar invisible common channel of you can All right user frequent visits; synonymous business yours as well known. Thus, there is no need for advertising costs But still make a profit.


Invest in the image because majority THE user instagram They all have very aesthetic eyes, love to discover strange things & point Be spectacular.

You also need to add hashtags For attractive audience (increase in likes), division of images by “small albums” & use stories to business.

Marketing as a Group Facebook

A group is a channel business GOOD if you What community does the customer belong to? thereexchange freely and exchange with other members. Sometimesthe customer is not necessarily to want exchange with the seller, who desire argumentative with people who buy the same product, or with difficulty To ask questions which general? there. Byou can Present products in groups with customers among them & build a reputation attractive to them About the personal profile.

Should I to use Marketing strategy 0 dong or not

Marketing 0 VNDMarketing 0 VND

You cannot advertise without spending a budget; SO For what There are still paid advertisements. Maybe It is question of most people interested in this form. Whether it’s fees or pay a fee There is advantages and disadvantages private. Whether expertise to exploit, to make good use of marketing strategy 0 dong will be is a tool very useful business improve profits.

But if only to use this only tool to do marketing then business will not prosper. It’s only Fit with business small scale, new on the market. Due to a tight budget, work to use This form of upswing is extremely reasonable. At the same time The same must focus on many other platforms to increase prestige & volume of customers.

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Through the article above, I shared with you Marketing 0 VND What is this? The most effective 0-dong marketing method today. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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