Key visual là gì? Bí quyết để tạo ra một Key Visual Đẹp – Độc – Lạ

Usually, the average audience only spends 10 seconds watching an advertisement instead of sitting under the TV screen watching the 5-10 minutes of the advertisement. SO, Key visual is the solution used by brands to capture the hearts and attention of viewers in just 10 small seconds.

What is a key visual?  The secret to creating a beautiful - unique - strange key visual

SO What is the key visual? How to create a visual key »Beautiful – Unique – Strange“attract viewers? Come on Blog Tran Phu Find out in the following article.

What is a key visual?

Key visual is a creative image that represents the main message that guides communication throughout the process of promoting a brand’s product. The primary purpose of the key visual is to help businesses communicate product or service information, grab attention and create excitement for customers, which leads to interest and purchase actions .

What is a key visual?  The secret to creating a beautiful - unique - strange key visual

  • Standard visual key: It should be presented in a way that is easy to understand, concise and contain product features. Your key visual idea should be unique enough for customers to recognize and distinguish it from other brands.
  • Do not confuse key visual and logo: can imagine the logo to help identify your brand, integrate seamlessly into all marketing campaigns, and the key visuals are like assets that are “played” in each different marketing campaign, helping to further strengthen the recognition of the brand name and logo.
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This way, your creativity is used to the fullest to develop the most unique and engaging key visuals possible.

The secret to creating a beautiful – unique – strange key visual

To help brands or services attract viewers, a set of visual keys are needed.Beautiful – Unique – Strangehere are the tips you should keep in mind:

What is a key visual?  The secret to creating a beautiful - unique - strange key visual

1. Ensure consistency of media releases

To create a key visual for the product, you need to understand the product features and the customer segment you are targeting. If your brand caters to the premium segment, make sure the key visual you offer is elegant, not too ostentatious or flashy.

2. Focus on the emotional factor

A successful key visual must directly touch the emotions of the viewer, whether happy, sad or surprised, … people will easily remember everything associated with their emotions. In addition, viewers will be interested in commenting, contributing ideas to the product when you “touch” their good emotions and concerns.

3. Use Color – Shorten Content

Since customers only have about 5-10 seconds before flipping to see other brands, the design of layouts and colors such as yellow, orange, red, purple, etc. ., creates special attention for viewers. will bring great benefits instead of long queues describing product features. The reason why fast food brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Lotteria… use red to represent themselves is to create a sense of urgency, rush and stimulate people’s appetite.

4. Pay attention to the timing factor

What is the most worrying question on social media today? What events have been discussed most recently? A good key visual should incorporate details that catch up with trends and correctly express audience interest. Your ideas are creative and unique, but going against the tastes of the audience will receive ineffective interaction.

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Above is information about the concept What is the key visual?? And the secrets to help you create a set of “Beautiful – Unique – Strange” key visuals to attract people to watch within the first 10 seconds when an advertisement appears on TV or on the Internet.