Landing Page là gì?

Have you ever heard of a landing page? Currently, Landing Page is one of the supporting tools for online business.

According to the survey, if you apply an effective landing page, your number of customers will double or triple, and the number of orders will also increase significantly than before.

In the era where e-commerce is becoming a hot trend, bringing many benefits to buyers and sellers, you cannot ignore this tool.

Let’s find out, to learn from the experience of creating and using the landing page below.

What is a landing page?

What is a landing page?

Landing page is also called landing page or target page i.e. single web page. The page has the look and feel of the domain name and content like a normal website.

However, the page only has content that focuses on a certain issue and does not lead to any other website.

This page is responsible for optimizing the conversion rate, encouraging customers to carry out the actions targeted by the page, meeting marketing objectives: buying, registering, downloading applications, participating in events, ordering, etc.

How many types of Landing Pages are there?

Each landing page will only focus on a certain goal. The content on this landing page will only revolve around a specific issue. There will be many types of landing page marketing goals, such as the main ones such as:

Lead generation page

Sales (Sales Page)

Intermediate conversions (Click on the page)

The sales page is a page that describes and explains in detail a product or service, to attract customers to create purchase conversions.

Landing Page collects information, also known as a leadpage, often created to provide freebies, advice, or provide customers with free services or experiences. In return, the customer will fill in their information in the form available on the page, generating data conversions about potential customers.

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The intermediate conversion page calls people to action, directing the user to another page with more information, usually the official website, to attract consumers.

When to use a landing page?

The landing page is so important, so how to use it effectively and in which cases? You can refer to the following cases:

When you want to advertise a new product/service: Please describe and analyze all aspects of the product on the landing page in a compelling way, so that your customers have no more questions about the product.

In case the product has not yet been launched, you still need to create a landing page to introduce all the information.

So customers can sign up to receive notification of product launch time, or pre-order, attend launch events…

When you have an ad campaign: Instead of customers having to visit many pages to learn more about the product, you should concentrate all the information on one landing page.

It also helps you set up an effective ad campaign, when your page is designed around the characteristics of each specific audience.

When you want to collect something by giving free gifts: you need to collect customer information and attract users by offering ebooks, tutorials, vouchers, discount codes.

When you want to host an event, you need to tell the audience you want them to attend. The content of this page is generally simple.

However, it should be clarified why the target audience should attend: why is this event taking place, who should attend, when and where, what is the content of the event activities?

In general, landing pages are often used in campaigns running Facebook or Google ads to find leads or sales.

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These are the cases where you should use landing pages for your marketing purposes. In addition, you can use in cases suitable for your business situation.

What is a landing page?

Tools to design landing pages

You can refer to landing page design platforms as suggested below


Notes for Implementing an Effective Landing Page

Whatever you do, you need to understand who your product is for.

This helps your ad campaign reach the right audience for your Page.

If your page is full of non-redundant details showing the problem and how to solve it for customers, the conversion rate will be high.

The title must contain action verbs

Usage: images, videos, customer reviews, seals, certificates to effectively attract readers’ attention.

Design: color

Content: most persuasive, straight to the point you want to target

The form of your site must be adapted to the use you make of it, do not create a single form for all uses.

Collecting information intelligently does not let customers find it offensive, convenient to avoid collecting information that is not for the right purpose.

Focus on making the content of the footer, it will probably be the following: CTA, link to the website, special offer on something, free gift to collect information…

For each page creation goal, you should create more than two landing pages to measure performance, then choose the page with the best conversions to set up an ad campaign.

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With the above article content, you have the basic information to design a landing page. However, to know whether the work is effective or not, you need to start practicing.

While you do it and have any questions, let us know, we will accompany you to find the answer.

Hopefully, Landing Page will help you take your business further and become more successful in building your online selling system. Good luck!