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What is entrepreneurship?? These important factor successful start. Do you know what entrepreneurship is? And startups need problems any? We Let’s find out together In item below Please.

What is a start-up?

What is entrepreneurship?What is entrepreneurship?

Setting up a business (starting a business) is when you plan to have it yourself an activity area only you wish do it yourself & self-employment management income for myself. you provide & develop a product or service? therebuy and sell a good product shop active or profitable activity? there.

It means it’s you create beneficial value for people for the company or start-up groups, for shareholders the companyfor the workers, for the community And government. start a business through establish business will create economic growth And from what angle? there contribute to economic development And Company.

start a business maybe you open one shop such as beef noodle soup, pho, morning sticky rice, cafes, internet shops, shop beauty products, shop pepper to use Or open a farm to plant trees, raise livestock and produce a product? there hay easy you only trade, but buy and sell again and again…

What is the startup distinction? And start What is this?

What is entrepreneurship?What is entrepreneurship?

start a business And start very easily confused, many people mistakenly think that the two define It’s a. But if we study seriously, we will see a comparison between startups & start is a lame comparison because two this issue not the same or similar.

“Start-up” is a Sino-Vietnamese word that already exists a long time ago Now, to “begin” at the beginning, to initiate, means to begin, to build something there. “Karma” means career, work. my father was mention the “start-up” for hundreds of years, through the expression “implantation and establishment”; “Men must know how to create a business”… Thus, creating a business or creating a business is a verb that designates the creation of a business. The future of just me. Time state of the artstart a business Sometimes is said in a narrower sense of early career But through build business & possess it, get the essentials Products the company.

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What are the common characteristics of startups?

Every startup project has two characteristics in common:

  • Breakthrough: Every startup project usually TO DO these things Never available in the market or what the market already has but better, even better. DSince maybe a way of doing business new, a new production segment or technology Never was see on world.
  • Growth: All business start (or Start a business) are not defined target, limit your growth. They often operate with the will to achieve the best possible development.

These important factor Successful start

What is entrepreneurship?What is entrepreneurship?

Market research:

This is the factor First of all close assignment important for your starter results. Market research activities help you meet the needs of society, Starting from to specify THE plan sell good direction And specifically, create products or a service that counts software cad, Fit with the needs of social development.

Staff organization And Find like-minded people:

Any business who if desire success must focus on assignment important of the human factor. Because of thatplease select people carefully Fit with work business exploit.
Simultaneouslygo far And In the long run, you should find like-minded people because “we’re better than me”. Let’s work seriously with them, invent And develop.

Database & awareness specialized

Currently desire do anything in anyone a profession all that you want well informed on trades there, because of that Whether desire Start a business in any field? there You also should start to discover thoroughly the knowledge around the field there.

No matter what area you start your business in, you need to equip yourself types You will only have knowledge about it opportunity be successful. You have to get all of basic Only when advanced is it considered diversity baggage to start a business.

DVfriend desire open 1 business fashion is you have to Do you have extensive knowledge of the fashion industry or do you? desire Open an art photography studio you have to skill excellent photography.


The reason why perseverance is a important factor because while Starting a business is not everyone There are people who succeed the first time they start working, there are people who fail so much time but they still don’t give up, keep on getting up execute idea exploit. It’s determination & perseverance in people there created their subsequent success as the saying goes: “Failure is the mother of success”.

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Indeed, practice has proven that these businessmen who succeed are those who have a higher spirit of determination than those who Normally To overcome obstacles, have passion & more persistent than people in recovering from setbacks short time.

skills on strategy, plan

Strategy And plan really one of problems necessary You need attention arrive. With a strategy & strategy GOOD, you can rest assured that the business To belong to you can more advantageous. DRAWlike that skills are always real necessary For will help you succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.

In addition to 5 skills basic on it then you need including skills such as financial management, skill approachcommunication… The more skills you have you will be more possessive chance superior success.

have capital Start a business

One of the important factor other When you to want start a business there is crucial Start of sales. Money not total but safe money will help you implementation of aim on your paper. Many people before starting normal start focus time are you building some capital specifically.

Focus only for what awaits us

Certainly for investors who have experienced a lot business modelthey fully understand current values will not be exist for all time. Thing there also means, invention About a product application enter life Every day It won’t be enough for them to nod their heads & spend money on your project.

Things you have to Be gift Show them the future with strategy full of development answer exploit. Not only thatyou also need let them know that you own staff stitch quality sellfrom marketing to office accounting…

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Who should start a business?

What is entrepreneurship?What is entrepreneurship?

Any everyone maybe Start a business Whether desirewhatever young or old, male or female, whatever in or from the outside country, urban or rural; as long as you have one invention idea business practical, conceivable bring to advantage for main myself & the whole society.

But, at the moment THE invention can start a business create mainly by young people passionate about enrichment & creative, especially friends student student or just graduated. Young people are of age overwhelmed enthusiasm, they also have enough agility, ability capture knowledge & new technological skills. They have courage And desire to assert oneself more than precursor even if THE people with long experience more experience benefits.

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After the above article, I shared it with you What is entrepreneurship?? Key factors for a successful startup. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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