Quỹ đầu tư mạo hiểm là gì? Ưu và nhược điểm của quỹ đầu tư mạo hiểm

Venture capital funds What is this? Advantages and disadvantages of venture capital funds. The role of these investment funds is very important in the creation of the startup ecosystem in general and is a source of life for startups in particular. In this article, I will explain in detail venture capital funds. Follow the article now!

What is a venture capital fund?

Venture capital fundsVenture capital funds

Venture capital fund is a form of investment where investors like to invest in a company business newly created, not listed on the stock exchange but supposedly positive growth rate & investors believe it will grow in the future. Howeverthis type of investment also comes with risk big.

In the Vietnamese market, venture capital assignment importantmakes sense for the economy of the company because create sources of capital, development conditions business newly created especially & Ecosystem start In general.

Venture capitalists can be involved at any stage of a business: from product development to revenue generation. Business may need or Do not need to ask for more capital in the period before reaching the profits. Investment Scale SO Also types more for each industry. Venture capitalists often invest long term & plug role necessary to the board of directors business Or Sometimes is a member of the board of directors.

Range important venture capitalists with Start a business

Venture capital fundsVenture capital funds

For business startjob raise funds close assignment Very important; because in the early stages of development businessup to the stage of market dominance And develop startups need some large capital to be able to operate total work the company. SOit can be said that the mobilization of investments from large venture capital funds is a springboard that each start even to want obtained at the start of a project start.

At the moment Have a lot venture capital fund was created, But Not startups everything is possible communicate to these investment funds by approach & lack of project preparation.

In addition to venture capital funds, in our country can say about other investment funds such as angel investors, startup incubators, etc. But Venture capital funds generally only invest in finance And often work with business Start a business Or procedure invest.

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Advantages and disadvantages venture capital funds

Venture capital fundsVenture capital funds


Investors in this fund contribute part in equity to business in which they invest. This means they will have great power in deployment decisions about business.

Investors will usually get the number of shares most of the company investment. Therefore, if business good development in the future bring very high profits. It is also for this reason that investors have lots of experience In any domain? therewill generally seek business Start a business operating in the same field for investment.


True to its name, here often considered an investment risk extremely high standard bank loans or capital markets. Because It is THE business brand new, if they fail they will lose so much money. Howeverif they brought Profitable enough to be listed on a stock exchange or able to sell shares, they will also lead to a high return on investment. BILLIONSOinvestors should addicted my experience before joining this investment fund.

Add thereventure capital fund investors will receive equity in company in which they invest. DRAWlike thatthey have the right necessary in decision making of the company. This Sometimes cause anxiety to business start when calling for investment.

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Top 7 best venture capital funds In Vietnam

Venture capital fundsVenture capital funds

capital of dragons

VinaCapital Venture Capital Fund Created in 1994, it is considered the oldest investment fund in Vietnam to date. Investment fund with head office in Ho Chi Minh & Big brother. Dragon Capital Group currently manages approximately VND 1.3 billion $.

Capital of the Mekong

The fund specializes in providing capital to the consumer goods industry to useretail, catering, distribution, etc. Currently, the fund has made 33 investments in our country. recently most, the fund has to specify paid in capital in 7 companies. TO WITHDRAWthe pond includes F88 pawn system chain, two business Delivery and delivery of Nhat Tin And ABA, Red Wok Restaurant, Ben Thanh Jewelry, Yola English Center & King mattress store chain.

CyberAgent Ventures (CAV)

In our countryCyberAgent Ventures (CAV) is also one of the few venture capital funds to have poured capital & actively seek the chance new investments in the Internet sector. THE business Japan often binds very package together, especially when invest abroad.

In 12 projects in which CAV invests In Vietnam, Vat Gia is the most accomplished project. Growth Award fastboth in terms of scale And market positioning. Besides Vat Gia, there are 2 projects left special the other is greedy And TeaMobi. TeaMobi is a memorable success for CAV.

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They are people Pioneers in the field of mobile games. When TeaMobi started, the market was huge And There are not many competitors. Foody, the CAV project just invested 2 months ago, it’s also very good more than that. With restaurant finder service High quality combined with the identify Exactly Since userACV hope Gourmet can become 1 in the Vietnamese culinary market.

ESP Capital

Created in 2017, this fund is headquartered in Singapore And branch in Ho Chi Minh City. Funds be careful of THE start membership potential all fields different In Vietnam & South East Asia.

With a scale of 20 million VND dollarESP Capital focuses on research chance in the business Tech startups are in their early stages (pre-seed round) & seed) with investment from 50,000 won american dollars up to 300,000 won USD.

Over the past 3 years, ESP Capital has invested in many start Vietnamese like Luxstay, Canavi, Ecomobi, MindX.


IDG Venture Group – USA, invested in Vietnam since 2004. IDG expected venture capital 80-100 million dollars entered Vietnam in the period 2003-2010 in the field of publishing specializeorganize exhibitions and conferences in the field of information technology (IT).

In progress operation, IDG Venture had to imagine the market howvisualize the needs of people in that market, then there find people & risky product First of all execute its venture capital.

Vina Capital Foundation (VCF)

Created in 2007, the Vina Capital Foundation (VCF) is a unit American NGO and was classified 501(c)(3), tax deductible and was licensed as a company international NGO in our country.

The strengths of the Foundation are ability realization of development projects And humanitarian in our country One Way completely transparent. The VCF Fund is a unit Independent platform-based nonprofit specialized of Vina Capital while being free & independent to lead & carry out its own development projects for me good In difficulties social and economic & environment.

FPT company

With target 5000 business technology until 2020, FPT Venture works with leading start-up incubators at the moment TO DO a lot class businessman boot kids.

Funds typically come from seed funding rounds & series A of the business, SO if granted by FPT Venture support, business you will be receive power not only money but also technology And more human. Objectives of FPT Ventures startups related technology, mobile, finance.

Through the article above, I shared with you Venture capital funds What is this? Advantages and disadvantages of venture capital funds. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

Vu Thom – Synthesis & editing

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