Danh mục đầu tư là gì? Các bước xây dựng danh mục đầu tư

Investment portfolio What is this? Investment portfolio (Investment Portfolio) is a combination the type asset different such as stocks, bonds, etc., help to reduce risk overall compare to hold a security or asset class only on the directory.

What is an investment portfolio?


An investment portfolio is a combination the type asset different such as stocks, bonds, Real estate And types other property for the purpose of modify and improve profit and decrease risk in investment. WOMENchance Is a element always exist In business and investment. A successful investor is someone who maybe balance between the two element this and achieve aim his investment.

Types Portfolioization is one of the measure important In administration risk when investing. Combination fit To belong to abundant profitable assets and risk dissimilarity like: gold, Real estateforeign currencies, stocks and bonds… contribute to reducing risk overall compare with hold a security or asset class only on the investment portfolio.

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Investment ranking

  • By item level: no item, item;
  • By investment term: short term, medium term and long term;
  • By profit: high, medium, non-profit (investment in social and environmental projects, aim trinh is not profit);
  • According to the form investment: direct investment (investors select investment projects, mandate (investment is optional investment fund.);
  • By level of risk: high, medium, low, no risk;
  • By type: real (buying real things), financial (investing in stocks, bonds and other securities), speculative (buying assets (foreign currencies, precious metals, stocks and others), investing to make money ) interest once price convert in the future).
  • By level of liquidity: high (can be converted to cash in a short time), medium (convertible from 1 to 6 months), low (from 6 months), none (cannot be converted on its own, only in the whole fish).
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Steps to Building an Investment Portfolio get a good result

Choose a portfolio


Need identify financial situation, aim personal finance, among them need to consider current age, number investment cost initial, hour and ability increase investment cost the next time, following is income desire Have From the beginning private.

Personality and ability acceptance risk must also be taken into consideration. You have accept risk lost some a lot of money to get a lot of profit or not.

What type of venture capital portfolio? Fit with people who love security. BILLIONagainst a currentthe secure directory will not be food import with venture capitalists. Please choose an investment type fit once consider total THE factor above.

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Build an investment portfolio

Need share capital for kinds goods finance a reasonable way. Break it down goods big finance in categories. THE product petty finance too advantage potential benefit and risk different.

DV with goods share, maybe separation investment cost give all aspects different as career pepper to use, field Real estate… With obligations ability attribution quantity in short-term and long-term bonds; government bonds and bonds business,…

Comment Details and elaborate investment portfolio

Already setting a portfolio, which must be analyzed and Assess frequent. Jchangeable on the market price will make the initial proportion convert. desire Assess attribution source investment, it is necessary to classify investments by volume. Following, grasp clearly percentage of account value compare with overall.

THE element by the time can be different is the financial situation, feature accept risk and future needs. WOMENas the RedThis changeneed adjust investment portfolio suit.

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Portfolio rebalancing


Considering the impact of taxes on real estate sales today, especially before rebalancing the portfolio.

Clear grip If you know what stock to cut and what volume to cut, decide what other stock to buy to compensate space with the silver mountain bring from the sale of old stock codes.

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These attention when building a portfolio

When building an investment portfolio need to learn thoroughly types portfolio, how to classify the portfolio suit with feature as taste risk exploit.

It is path help you optimization your investment as decrease the maximum of risk in progress invest

Select THE goods investing and building knowledge-based portfolios, experience And experience possess. Meach person will have their own wallets, SO lets go select and build your own product The best investment.


The above article will help you understand better investment portfolio extremely helpful. If, while viewing the article, you have questions about investment portfolio Let’s answer together!!!

Nhat Minh-Summary and supplement

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