Đầu tư kinh doanh là gì? Các ngành nghề đáng đầu tư nhất hiện nay

Invest business What is this? Industries worth investing in Currently. The next article will help you answersadditional knowledge about invest business should not be ignored. cfng reference posts Please!

What is business investment?

Business investmentBusiness investment

Investment in the broad sense is the sacrifice of power in the present to carry out what activities? there in order to achieve results for investors clear in the future superior to the potential resources spent to get results there. NOTresources It can be money, natural resources or labor & wisdom. Results can be an increase in financial assets, physical assets, intellectual property & power.

Investment in the narrow sense only include activities to use THE power in the present in order to bring future results to the economy and society that are superior to those of the past potential resources Satisfied to use to get the results there. To manage

Starting from Have define on investing as follows: Investing is an activity to use THE potential resources finance, power material, potential resources work & the wisdom to produce business for a relatively long period in order to make a profit & advantage Socioeconomic.

Industries worth investing in Currently

Business investmentBusiness investment

Investing in real estate – Never “cool”

Real estate and land are also investment channels bring ability highest return for investors. Property investment can say about such as: land investment, investment Townhouseland, apartments… are also forms of investment too People favorite. Are not have instead new knowledge or experiences can can do.

Real estate in Nhat Nam is a safe investment suggestion And effective there are potential land projects, stretching from North to South.

Beauty products

Life development, the daily beauty needs of women higher and higher. SO business Cosmetics has always been an industry Never hot.

As long as your product has High quality. Meet the real beauty needs of women. No matter the sale price will attract to be sisters.

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Necessary daily

Business Necessary Every day Also income terrible. in there sell types The most cost effective cleaning products. By It is essential element in life Every day. Sale & don’t worry about inventory.

SO business essential elements Every day will be business model trust bring income ideal for investors.

pet sitting service business

pet fashion become orient oneself in youth Currently, & they are ready to invest tens of millions to buy a dog, a cat… Scenery to erect. Many people like to compare people who keep pets like lotuses, and the animal is the boss there enough to show you that they love you And How to take care of your pet. SO in the event of the opening of a care service for pets, beauty services (clipping, nail cutting, grooming, etc.) will be orient oneself business Coming.

Agricultural industry And exploit

It is fork business related to the production of agricultural raw materials And mineral. The main raw materials are aquaculture, animals, forestry, minerals or agriculture And sell the type agricultural crops.

Financial services industry

Financial services are include banks, business finance, business Insurance, etc profit by invest And capital management.

Currentlythe market economy becoming more and more developed, the financial services sector so that there are huge changes. A wide range of financial and banking services benefit both user & suppliers are constantly released. This issue show us the bright future of this area.

Invest in bonds

In 2021, bonds rated as smart investment form; ability high profitability; good liquidity. To invest in bonds, you don’t need to spend a lot of capital, just 5 million VND. Not only SO, way of doing business it’s pretty flexibleHave so much investment package from 5 million to 1 billion.

Bond investing can bring high interest rate so much compare to deposit in the bank or invest in gold. The interest rate can go up to 60.9%/36 months.

utility company

DV such as power industry, waste treatment, domestic water GOOD put under direction government.

Retail & distribution

Acts as an intermediary between broadcast manager And customers, profit through retail services And distribution of goods/services.

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Retail trade is one of solution intelligently help the business drive sales business go to high places dizzy. Thanks to sell retail where goods and products flow easily from place of production to consumer to use fastpractical, effective.

Currently almost business, businessThe group is investing heavily in retail to bring the brand to consumers to usedo them trust, select & loyal to the products they make.

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Prohibited Business Investment Industries and Professions

Business investmentBusiness investment

  • Business narcotic substances referred to in Annex I of this law;
  • Business kinds chemistryminerals specified in Schedule II to this Act;
  • Sale of specimens of wild plant and animal species extracted from the wild specified in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; specimens of valuable, rare and endangered species of plants, animals and forest aquatic animals of group I, resulting from natural exploitation in accordance with the prescriptions of annex III of this law;
  • prostitution business;
  • Purchase and sale of human beings, tissues, corpses, parts of the human body, human foetuses;
  • Work business related to human asexual reproduction;
  • Wholesale firecrackers;
  • business debt collection service.

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Features basic work Currently

Business investmentBusiness investment

Trade in multiple trades

In commercial activities, the exchange of goods And service as a main activity & arrive frequent & repeat. A Products before reaching for the hands user need to go through many transactions different.

commodity exchange & service

All business activities have relationship direct And indirectly to the exchange of goods & services in exchange for money or the value of money.

Skill business succeed

Any field or a specialized anyway must have skill specialize job. For trade industry, to want transform A businessmen GOOD have qualities & Professional skills certain And necessary to be able to function business.

The profit is aim major

Commercial activity or any other area has a aim is to make economic profits. Profits are the results of activities sell THE products and services of one businessmen.

Seller & Buyer

In career company to feasible success then required two factors are the seller And Only the buyer can conclude the transaction.

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Through the article above, I shared with you Business investment What is this? The trades in which it is worth investing today. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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