Chỉ số EPS là gì? Thông số eps tính như thế nào?

What is EPS?? PES Be the after-tax profit an investor receives from 1 share, is the profit you earn on some initial capital, as a measure for share interest rate on outstanding shares. Let’s learn What is EPS? Please!!!

Hint What is EPS?

What is the EPS-1 Index

EPS has the English name Earning Per Share, It is the after-tax profit that investors receive from 1 share. EPS is still good to understand is the profit you earn on some the original capital. WiderEPS is also EPS is correct manipulate For comment feature profitable to a company on the stock market. In general, the business to use EPS as a measure for share interest rate on outstanding shares.

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Setting How is EPS calculated?

Hint PES basic – Basic EPS

Setting It measures profit basic per share generally.

secrets EPS earnings per share basic:

PES basic = (After-Tax Earnings – Preferred Stock Dividends) / Average Number of Shares Outstanding

Hint EPS pha loãng – diluted EPS

Setting Diluted EPS to use give business there are other forms besides common stock such as: preferred stock, ESOP, bonds, etc. These forms will be converted into ordinary shares, help increase gradually hint if there is the money kept flowing.

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Recipe Calculate diluted EPS:

EPS = (After-Tax Earnings – Preferred Stock Dividends) / (Average Number of Shares Outstanding + Number of Shares possible convert)

Investors need attention both setting eps in stock to calculate Exactly earnings per share held. all setting above okay to show complete and detailed in the financial statements, including:

  • Profit after tax the company is the actual amount received once minus the expenses others such as depreciation of assets, taxes, interest on loans, etc.
  • Preferred stock dividend: the earnings of preferred stock, recorded at a fixed rate on the face value of the preferred stock. there.

What is the EPS-2 Index

THE attention when calculating hint PES

Calculate the most correct EPS, investors need note the following points :

  • Based on The average number of shares outstanding during the period will produce data the most correct that. BILLIONWow, business often manipulate Final digits for convenience statisticalreport.
  • EPS is not always proportional to net profit. Investors must calculate EPS for a period specifically measure the growth share business.
  • EPS goes addicted accounting methods and addicted the figures of the financial statements which business listed on the stock exchange.

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Detailed instructions reading convention hint PES

To see the hint PES basic or diluted EPS of a stock you can apply the following ways.

Method 1: Search the price list for the exchanges where you are opening an account.

  • Step 1: Open the list of online stock quotes where you open your account
  • Step 2: Find the name business or stock code You like know setting EPS. Or click on the stock symbol on the price list.
  • Step 3: arrive graph and hint EPS 4 quarters of the share business You look for.
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What is the EPS-3 Index

Method 2: you will be see hint The EPS of any listed share is equal to Website CoffeeF.

  • Step 1: Access Web page CaféF:
  • Step 2: Enter stock code or name business in the search bar on the right side of the screen.
  • Step 3: View setting PES basic and diluted EPS appear on the title screen.

Default To belong to hint What is EPS in stock?

EPS is a setting For comment feature TO DO after-tax earnings of a share. Onlyumbrella All right manipulate widely in the financial statements of the company However The EPS ratio still has limitations that investors should note:

  • In some if EPS is negative then secret The P/E has completely lost its meaning. DRAWwhat’s wrong?, business LAW to use another tool for comment feature stock returns.
  • When active business fluctuation then setting EPS will be distorted. Variants there ability Be business active in the career there are many variations, business Sale of goods,…
  • Whether business issue more common stock, bonds change or stock ESOP then hint The EPS will decrease. Right now, investors are easy to meet risk and reduced stock market returns.
  • Investors too ability meet risk when buying shares the company useful virtual profit by increase accounts receivable and inventory.

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