Google Page Speed Insight là gì? Những thông tin cần biết

One of the tools to help assess the quality of a website according to certain criteria of the big Google is receiving a lot of attention, especially with Seoer. However, not everyone knows What is Google Page Speed ​​Insight?? How to increase website performance with Google Page Speed ​​Insight? Let’s find out more with Blog Tran Phu through the following article shared by Viet Bai Xuyen Viet.

What is Google Page Speed ​​Insight?

For simplicity, Google Page Speed ​​Overview is a measure of the usability of a website for computers and mobile devices according to several Google standards. In particular, the two standards that Google – this largest search site focuses on are user experience and page access speed. As such, the higher a website is rated, the higher it is rated by Google.

What is Google Page Speed ​​Insight?  Information you need to know

Additionally, Google Page Speed ​​​​Insight will score on a scale of 0-100 and divided into categories, including:

  • Poor: The site is not optimized and does not provide a great user experience.

  • Need Fix: The website is optimized but incomplete, making the user experience difficult.

  • Good: The site made good use of optimization methods and provided an excellent user experience.

In addition, in the middle of each dot interval will appear a different corresponding color such as:

  • From 0 to 49 (slow): Red

  • From 50 to 89 (medium): Orange

  • From 90 to 100 (fast): Blue

But you should know that Google Page Speed ​​Insight only evaluates certain aspects of a page’s performance such as HTML structure, server configuration, camera, CSS, and JavaScript. On the other hand, the performance of the site also largely depends on the status of the user’s Internet connection.

Google Page Speed ​​​​​​Insight Evaluation Criteria

What are the Google Page Speed ​​Insight evaluation criteria? Page Speed ​​​​​​Insight relies on certain Google standards to assess the quality of a website. That’s to say:

Speed ​​optimization

  • Enable compression of data sent to the browser.

  • Do not use redirects on the target page.

  • Improved cache storage in the browser section.

  • Optimize server response time.

  • Perform image compression to reduce the size.

  • Perform decompression of Javascript and CSS resources on the webpage.

  • Optimize the insertion of CSS files in the website.

  • Unblock CSS and JavaScript on page load.

  • Set the priority order of web page content.

  • Make good use of asynchronous properties.

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In addition, Xuyen Viet Article Writing also recommends website owners to optimize page loading speed according to website guidelines. It is one of the most useful website optimization tools of the tumultuous 2020.

Google Page Speed ​​​​​​Insight Evaluation Criteria

Performance optimization

  • Optimize the size of content displayed on the website.

  • Optimize links or buttons on the website.

  • The appropriate font size should be used when displaying content.

  • Configure the window to display the appropriate screen size.

  • Do not use content display plug-ins.

What information will Page Speed ​​Insight provide to the website?

All the information provided by Page Speed ​​Insight is very important and useful for website analysis. Specifically:

  • Speed ​​Score: Also known as Speed ​​Score, this is calculated based on the turn of the lighthouse.

  • Field data: consists of two parts, First contentful paint and First input delay. It is collected from user’s own experiences on Chrome and will be tested for at least 30 days.

  • Lab Data: Data collected is based on analyzed data from Lighthouse on mobile devices.

  • Opportunities: Collects performance and page load times and makes performance recommendations to improve page load times.

  • Diagnostics: This section provides recommendations for user site tools.

  • Passed Audits: Gives a summary of all website performance completed with no changes or additions.

What information will Page Speed ​​Insight provide to the website?

How to Optimize Website Performance with Google Page Speed ​​Insight?

Once you understand what Google Page Speed ​​Insight is? If you want your site to achieve quality scores, you need to find effective practices. Try some of the following solutions:

Reduce on-site resources

If Page Speed ​​​​Insight detects the size and size of resources on the page, this rule will be triggered when the above factors are reduced via minify. You should remove unused code, rename shorter functions and variables, and remove blank lines that increase size.

Extract Server

This decompression rule will trigger Page Speed ​​​​Insight to know that the web page resources have been compressed from the server when transmitted over HTTP. This maximizes the loading speed and bandwidth of the website.

Shorten main server response time

This rule will help you discover server response times faster than 200ms and you should use a quality server in terms of network as well as hardware to increase the quality of your website.

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Remove CSS blocking display of content

Use it when Google Page Speed ​​​​​​Insight detects that the CSS is stuck above the fold. In there:

  • Load deferred styles: load the following style files with javascript.

  • Inline CSS: Select CSS snippets that affect the first screen written in the website header tag.

How to Optimize Website Performance with Google Page Speed ​​Insight?

Optimize image size

Once Google Page Speed ​​​​​​Insight detects that the website images are optimized, this method should be used. Because it can reduce image size but not reduce image quality. This is the easiest and most effective way that Writing Bai Xuyen Viet has implemented for client websites.

Using preloading and caching

Whatever source code you use, you should create a cache for the website, the purpose is to make it easier for users to access the website for the first time. For the second time, the link accessed by the user will be faster because the file is saved on the server and does not need to be processed like the first time.

Use a quality VPS or hosting

You should also pay attention to this as it helps you achieve stability especially with the SEO industry. Let’s see if your accommodation meets the following criteria:

  • Do not fall into a too long waiting state, freeze or have errors in Vietnamese or English which is not your interface, so you should change to another hosting.

  • Use Litespeed

  • Runs Centos and Cloudlinux operating systems

  • Using SSDs

  • Use Marria Darabase

So how does Google Page Speed ​​Insight affect SEO?

Although Google Page Speed ​​​​​​Insight does not have too much influence on SEO, its role is extremely necessary and important for the real user experience. At the same time, the number of reviews on Google Page Speed ​​Insight will not affect the ranking of websites on search engines.

But there is a very close connection between SERP rankings and Google Page Speed ​​Insight. Because the results received from Google Page Speed ​​Insight are aggregated from performance analysis based on each metric. Therefore, the higher the score, the higher the quality of the website is evaluated.

So how does Google Page Speed ​​Insight affect SEO?

In general, if you want your website to be of good quality, you need to pay attention to many different factors. But the most important thing is the user experience. When users are happy, your website will attract more interested people.

Above is the sharing of writing articles on Xuyen Viet Google Page Speed ​​Insight there gand ways to improve website performance with Google Page Speed ​​Insight. Hope Tran Phu’s blog post has helped you better understand this tool and grasp the key points to apply to improve your website’s efficiency.

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