ngày quốc tế hạnh phúc là ngày nào? ý nghĩa ngày 20/3

March 20th is officially recognized as the International Day of Happiness by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, announced at a UN meeting on the issue in June 2012. To date, 193 member states, including Vietnam, have committed to supporting and taking positive actions to build a better and happier world where there is more equity, improved quality of life, and sustainable development for all.

The idea for International Day of Happiness was inspired by Bhutan, a country recognized as the happiest in the world based on factors such as health, mental wellbeing, education, environment, quality of governance, and standard of living. Bhutan’s king introduced a new way of measuring social progress in the 1970s, known as the Gross National Happiness Index, which goes beyond economic indicators to include overall wellbeing.

The UN decided to commemorate this day based on Bhutan’s proposal as a way for all countries and people to come together and bridge the gaps between nations and individuals worldwide, and to create unity and solidarity among all humanity. March 20th was chosen because it is a special day when the sun sits directly over the equator, making the length of the day and night equal, symbolizing balance and harmony in the universe.

International Day of Happiness sends a message that balance and harmony are key to creating happiness. Happiness is not a trivial matter, but a deep-seated desire of every member of the human family.

Since its inception, the International Day of Happiness has been supported by many countries worldwide, with Vietnam being one of the active participants. The country’s national slogan, “Independence, Freedom, and Happiness,” reflects Vietnam’s commitment to this international day. In 2013, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung issued a decision approving a plan to organize activities for the International Day of Happiness on March 20th each year.

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Vietnam organized its first International Day of Happiness in 2014 under the theme “Love and Sharing,” aiming to encourage people to love and share with each other to bring happiness to themselves, their families, and communities, and to contribute to social welfare development.

In addition, World Architecture Day is celebrated annually as a way to acknowledge the importance of architecture in our daily lives.