Chiến lược marketing là gì? Những chiến lược marketing cơ bản

Many business people these days invest their time and money in starting a new business. However, the number of customers is not available, and it is not easy to attract and have a stable number of customers. Therefore, a marketing strategy is an improved solution for business owners in terms of finding customers. SO What is Marketing Strategy?? What are the basic types? This article will answer all your questions.

What is Marketing Strategy?  Basic Marketing Strategies

What is Marketing Strategy?

What is Marketing Strategy?  Basic Marketing Strategies

Solutions to increase business sales

What is Marketing Strategy? A marketing strategy is a complete plan with the most specific steps to market the products and services that a brand offers in the market. A proper and business-friendly marketing strategy will help businesses increase their consumption and increase their sales. This is also why many companies today invest time and money in developing a marketing strategy.

What are the basic types of marketing strategies today?

What is Marketing Strategy?  Basic Marketing Strategies

There are many marketing strategies

After learning about the concept of marketing strategy, let’s find out what types of marketing methods exist. There are many types of marketing strategies, but as a business owner you need to know the following basic strategies:

Segmented marketing strategy

It is the marketing strategy that determines the customer segment of the company. More specifically, there are 3 types of segments in the market today: differentiation, concentration and mass segmentation.

  • Differentiation strategy: It is the type of strategy that costs the most, but the effect it brings to the customer segment of the company is excellent.
  • Strategic direction: Is to choose a single portrait, certain audience of customers to run the campaign.
  • The mass strategy is often chosen for global campaigns, aimed at reaching a large number of customers for companies.
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Brand positioning marketing strategy

What is Marketing Strategy?  Basic Marketing Strategies

Branding and positioning

This is a popular strategy chosen by many businesses to enhance their brands and create brand impressions with customers. This strategy consists of determining the customer’s perception, the strengths and the orientation of the image that the company wishes to build.

Product marketing strategy

The product marketing strategy is formed from the marketing mix strategy. It is also the strategy that affects the business goal that the company wants to aim for. This strategy, also known as the 4Ps, includes:

  • Product (product)
  • Price (Price)
  • Location (Distribution)
  • Promotion (Promotion)

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Competitive marketing strategy

What is Marketing Strategy?  Basic Marketing Strategies

Help your business outperform your competitors

By listening to the name of the strategy, one can know that the company is using this strategy to compete with other competitors. During implementation, companies need to determine their position relative to their competitors and come up with the most accurate plan. In some cases, this strategy can also have adverse effects on the business, so you should use it carefully.

Content Marketing Strategy

A strategy to create an ecosystem of meaningful or valuable content for viewers. Usually, selected content is related to company, product or business related topics.

Marketing strategy for loyal customers

It is a strategy to target the segment of loyal customers, helping to maintain the number of customers as well as customer loyalty. Furthermore, the strategy also has the ability to entice competitors’ customers to return to the business and, at the same time, retain repeat customers.

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What is Marketing Strategy? And what types are there? This article has all the answers for business owners. Business owners must be very wise in choosing strategies to increase sales for their business.