Công việc của marketing gồm những gì?

The marketing profession understand what? If you to want transform a good trader. Friend clear must understand the requirements have. DSince What are the requirements? With me reference LAW posts here for more information useful Please!

What is a Marketer?

The marketing professionThe marketing profession

The marketing staff is the person who does the plan proposed by the Marketing Department, ensure marketing plan take place is fine, regular. Tactical Creative spiritboldly aim display products and services & brand image business to everybody And Fit with orient oneself as customer need.
Starting fromMarketing staff can connect customers to the brand of the company In relationship sustainable Castle.

What is marketing work?

The marketing professionThe marketing profession

  • Conduct market research to find the answer for requests, habits & orient oneself of the consumer to use.
  • Negotiation, teamwork & brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns invent.
  • Support outbound/inbound marketing activities by to show specialize live many areas different, include develop & content optimization, advertising, make a plan events, etc.
  • Contact with distributer outside for deployment event And marketing campaign.
  • Collaborate with marketing staff And other parts to increase brand awareness And perform the marketing plan assigned.
  • Brainstorm Ideas And development initiatives for approach customer target through the media channel fit such as social networks, E-mailtelevision, etc.
  • Support analysis of marketing data (campaign results, conversion rates, user traffic…) shape marketing strategy Coming.
  • Undertake THE assignment independent in marketing plan assigned.
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Qualities required good marketing staff

The marketing professionThe marketing profession

Dynamic work environment And chance Extensive promotion has made the marketing industry a great attraction with a lot of young friends. In the context of Abundant human resources, more organizations need to choose filtered thoroughly that. So the qualities? required What is the marketing staff to be able to conquer this profession?

First of all, each person When to want Enter any industry must have rig equipment specialized methodical, consistent. Support for things there not only have passion but also need a society inspire & motivation to learn. You will be Learn more majoring in Marketing from leading economic schools such as National University of Economics, Foreign Trade University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH), University of Finance – Marketing from Ho Chi Minh City…

About the quality & skills, to be able to undertake such jobs, marketers must be brave and agile And rich invention. At the same time always perfecting his skills in computer science, foreign languages ​​to best support the profession.

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Importance of marketing for business

The marketing professionThe marketing profession

Bring information

At the foundation stage, marketing is very useful for customer education. In other wordsfor customers to buy your product, they need to know about your product feasible things And That works How. Marketing is The most effective way to communicate your values ​​to customers.

Build relationships with customers

Connecting with customers is the key to any success business any, important is with the business SME. Marketing helps solve the question how to keep in touch with customers even sometimes they finalized the purchase. In historycustomer interaction only take place directly inside the shop.

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Marketing helps business Interact anytime, anywhere

Before, almost THE business only interact when customers come directly to the office, showroom, shop, This causing a lot of inconvenience to customers while traveling.

At the momentwith the continued development of the Internet as Marketing help business Interact with customers anytime, anywhere. Only have Internet connection And Both sides have smartphones, iPads and laptops business can interact, connect customers regardless of geographical time.

Help increase income

Marketing important because it helps business may sell products or services. Let’s say you have a great product, but how you will be sell this product when no one is available known He. THE business SMEs need to create content new And invite to attractive clients & get them to buy.

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Through the article above, I shared with you The marketing profession understand what? I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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