Marketing Online là gì? Dịch vụ Marketing Online trọn gói bao gồm những gì?

Online Marketing It’s not a weird concept anymore, but are you sure you’ve understood online marketing correctly and enough?

This paragraph, Blog Tran Phu answer your questions about “What is Online Marketing” and provide insight into the need for online marketing and Online marketing services wrap!

1. What is online marketing?

The definition of online marketing is actually very simple.

Marketing is a form of marketing that helps promote products and brands to potential customers and convince them to buy.

Online marketing is also work that meets marketing objectives, but deployed on an online platform – online. To reach customers on the Internet, online marketing includes:

  • SEO : Website optimization helps the website to be displayed to potential customers when they make queries on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.

  • Advertisement: display ads about companies, products … on search engines, newspapers, in applications, …

  • Social Media Marketing: Marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter

  • Advertising by e-mail: Marketing by nurturing customers through an online messaging system in a strategic and systematic way.

What is Online Marketing?  What does the Online Marketing Package service include?

Popular forms of online marketing

According to the development speed of society, online marketing also takes more and more new and diverse forms, responding to the psychology of users.

2. Why should businesses choose online marketing?

Nowadays, no one can deny the importance of online marketing for businesses. Especially during the Covid-19 epidemic season, many businesses have been able to survive or break the deadlock through online marketing.

Among them, some of the benefits of Global marketing department May include:

  • Increase engagement with potential customers and understand exactly what they are looking for

  • Able to reach global market

  • Save more budget and reach more customers than traditional marketing methods

What is Online Marketing?  What does the Online Marketing Package service include?

Online marketing is more economical than traditional marketing

  • Develop brand identity and retain prospects

  • You can monitor the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns quickly and accurately, thus planning better strategies.

3. What does the Online Marketing Package service include?

All Marketing Online services are based on the Internet and digital data. Each service brings many benefits to businesses at extremely economical costs. SO Global online marketing service What’s included? Check it out below!

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3.1. Google Ads advertising service

Google has become the primary search engine that most online users have used at least once. The habit of going to Google for information before deciding to buy a product/service is becoming more and more popular.

Therefore, through Google, you will have the opportunity to reach a large number of target customers. The Google Ads advertising service was born to help you maximize your reach and maximize your business profits.

What is Online Marketing?  What does the Online Marketing Package service include?

Google Ads helps reach the right customers, boost ‘huge’ sales

Google Ads helps you reach the right potential customers you want.

Because Google Ads allows you to select the audience to display ads through demographic factors (age, gender, profession, ..), through keywords and through the interests and online habits of the user .

Especially with this online marketing business, you only have to pay when certain actions are taken with your ads.

3.2. Facebook advertising service

Similar to Google Ads, Facebook Ads are one of the Package marketing service are chosen by many companies today.

It is the popularity and ability to spread widely of the social network Facebook that is the opportunity to reach millions of target customers at the same time. Similarly, advertising on Facebook is considered the “golden key” to maximizing revenue and increasing brand awareness.

What is Online Marketing?  What does the Online Marketing Package service include?

Facebook advertising is the most popular online marketing service today

Facebook Ads allow you to show your ads to the right audience for your business.

With the functionality to select audiences by keywords, fields of activity, demographic characteristics, interests and online habits. These are people who need or have needed to buy similar products/services, so the ability to decide whether to buy or use services is very high.

Facebook ad fees are also calculated based on reach, clicks, or posts on Fanpage. With this point, you can easily control and allocate your advertising budget in the most reasonable way.

3.3. SEO services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which can be understood as search engine optimization.

SEO services include many solutions to improve the ranking of websites on search results pages. As a result, your website will be seen at the top when users search for a certain keyword related to your business industry or department.

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What is Online Marketing?  What does the Online Marketing Package service include?

SEO services are the most effective and economical way to reach potential customers

The special thing about this digital marketing service is that you can reach potential customers with an “extremely cheap” cost.

Online users can easily choose your website, generate website actions (read, register, buy) in a completely natural way without showing ads.

Although it takes a long time to bring the website or keywords to the top of search results.

However, SEO services are still classified as Digital Marketing Services for the best and longest lasting results. The three basic and important factors that determine successful SEO are traffic, article content, and backlinks.

3.4. Standard SEO Article Writing Service

As shared above, article content is one of the three most important factors that determine SEO effectiveness.

To do this, the article is not just the author’s sharing, but must also have standard SEO article writing techniques. Standard SEO article writing service is also one of the important overall marketing services, bringing optimum profit to businesses with “extremely high” cost.

What is Online Marketing?  What does the Online Marketing Package service include?

Standard SEO articles bring value to readers and are highly rated by Google

Through standard SEO articles, you can convey knowledge sharing content or product/service benefits.

Thus encouraging users to convert actions directly on the website (registration, purchase). Moreover, standard SEO articles also help your website to be highly rated by Google, which puts your website at the top of the search results page.

4. City online marketing company. Prestigious and professional HCM

FIEX Marketing is proud to be a company Online marketing services help grow start-ups, small and medium enterprises to develop breakthroughs and spread business messages through the power of online marketing services.

What is Online Marketing?  What does the Online Marketing Package service include?

Cheap Online Marketing Service at FIEX Marketing

WHO – represented Better marketing experience, which is our name and our mission – to bring you the best user experience marketing service. It is a form of online marketing that focuses on user experience with products and brands.

FIEX’s online marketing strategies meet the following objectives:

  • The receiving, implementing and reporting process is transparent and professional

  • Apply 5 years of real world experience to increase real revenue

  • Develop the company brand, make a good impression on potential customers

  • Leverage continued and sustainable website revenue growth with a long-term strategy to reach and retain customers.

In addition, FIEX Marketing is ready to engage in monthly sales growth for Start-Ups and SMEs, we are neck and neck with companies in the spirit of an outsourced internal marketing service.

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