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What is profit?? profit is profit bring operation of assets, profits arrive during the franchise to use property to someone else for a period of time more specifically, a portion of the borrower’s profit. Let’s learn What is profit? Please!!

Revenue overview

profit is profit bring the operation of the property; profit bring due to loans or deposits with banks; the amount the borrower pays the creditor or financial institutions pay the depositor.

For comprehension clear origin and In fact of interest, it is necessary to consider the flow of money from the lender to the borrower and contradictory.

+ On the lender’s side, they cede the right to use own capital for someone else for a while certainshould get income.

+ On the capitalist side, they borrow money to put it into production – business so that they bring profit. WOMENSuspended Since they have no working capital, they have to borrow. BILLIONIn the process movement, the active capital will be bring average profit. BILLIONnaturally because to have working capital, Before he had to borrow, so the borrowing capitalist (i.e. working capital) had no right complete average profit, from which part of the average profit is deducted to pay the lending capitalist in the form of interest.

What is profit?

what is income-1

Origin and In fact of interest is the change cash flows from lenders to borrowers and Otherwise.

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Stand above coast lender, interest arrive during the franchise to use property to someone else for a period of time specifically and recover the remainder of the loan balance. Stand above coast Borrowers must pay interest + principal to the lender to obtain the right to transfer the property sellfor-profit production.

Thus, the main benefit part of in the profit of the borrower (production, sell, invest). More broadly, the source of income is the surplus value generated by the workers proceed In product manufacturing process, sell create benefit for the borrower.

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kinds interest in business at the moment

Interest on a discount basis bank

Is the profit of the difference between the total amount received from the sale of treasury bills and the total capital initially spent to buy them.


YBD stands for Yield Based on Bank Discount;

D is the discount value – the difference between the selling price and the buying price;

F is the face value or sale price of the bond;

t is the number of days remaining until the due date.

What is Yield-2

Return over time

It’s a profit identify based on source hold time investment.


HPR stands for return over the holding period;

P1 is the total amount received at maturity;

P0 is the initial purchase price;

D1 is the amount paid or interest will be received.

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Effective return of the year

Is this the kind of profit? to use in case business There is chance alternative investing earns additional interest, interest that earns interest is collectively known as compound interest.

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Calculated according to the formula:

Effective return of the year

EAY is the symbol of effective annual return;

HPY is the return received during the investment period;

t is the number of days until the due date.

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Sense of interest in business

What is Yield-3

All business both need income to maintain and develop. Income the company include profit bring after the activities sellapart from price To belong to total goods goods and services consumed and taxes. WOMENbesides benefits too include some profit bring financial activities of the company such as: purchase and sale of bonds, stocks, foreign currencies, interest on deposits financial institutions In capital letters sellprofit from joint venture capital contribution, etc.

SO In sellsignificant returns Very important For business. He is a tool reflect the results business of the company for 1 year. Nevertheless, Actually Income has not yet been reflected effective capital spent. Should let grasp clearly feature profit, gain GOOD to prioritize compare with Amount of the loan.


The above article will help you understand better What is profit? extremely helpful. If, while viewing the article, you have questions about What is profit? Let’s answer together!!!

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