Bounce rate là gì? Thủ thuật tối ưu bounce rate cho website

Rebound rate is one of the extremely important metrics used to assess the effectiveness of a website. SO What is the bounce rate?? How to calculate the bounce rate and how to optimize this rate? All inquiries related to the above question will be answered Blog Tran Phu Answer in the article below.

What is the bounce rate?  Tips for optimizing your website's bounce rate

What is the bounce rate?

Rebound rate is the percentage of customers who click to visit a website and then leave without accessing other links on that website. Specifically, after accessing a page of the website, the user will have the following actions:

  • Press the back button (this is the most common action)

  • Paste the new link in the address bar to go to another website

  • Close the browser

  • Shutdown sees nothing and when the session ends it closes automatically.

What is the bounce rate?  Tips for optimizing your website's bounce rate

What is the bounce rate?

Through the definition above, it can be seen that the website with the lowest bounce rate is the best, but the website with a high bounce rate is not necessarily a low quality website. In fact, users often only access to find the information they need and immediately leave without paying attention to other information present on this website. So, if you own a website, you don’t have to worry if the bounce rate is high.

Factors that affect bounce rate

Bounce rate is affected by many different factors. Specifically:

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Page load speed

When accessing a certain website whose page loading speed only needs a few seconds, the user will not be able to wait. They are ready to immediately press the back button and search for information on another website. Because on Google, there are many websites that can meet the search content of customers.

On the other hand, it is possible that your website is experiencing a technical error that results in slow page loading speed or a page not found.

Website design

A website with a nice layout, standard fonts, reasonable line spacing, nice colors and attractive images will be an advantage in retaining customers and driving them to other content on your website. This is an extremely important factor that determines the bounce rate as soon as new customers come to your website.

Content on the site

With the development of technology and the need to find information, the website must have quality content. Quality content not only helps the website to improve the bounce rate but also helps the article rank high in the Google search engine bar.

Quality content here means that the article must be SEO-standard from the title, description to explanatory content. Content should stick to the title and keywords, and not write in a way that is misleading, misleading, or boring to information seekers.

On the other hand, when designing content, you should also make sure to attach internal links to direct customers to other articles on your website.

What is the bounce rate?  Tips for optimizing your website's bounce rate

Causes Affecting Bounce Rate

Tips for optimizing your website’s bounce rate

With the meaning and importance of the bounce rate, optimizing this rate is essential. Doing this is not difficult when you apply the following tips:

  • Stop deploying low quality keywords

  • Stop media channels that generate low traffic

  • Write standardized content, set attractive titles, attractive descriptions, consistent, easy-to-understand sentences and complete content to meet all customer research needs on each article’s keywords.

  • Present the content nicely, the font is Times New Roman, font size 14, line spacing 1.5 lines.

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What is the bounce rate?  Tips for optimizing your website's bounce rate

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