Mô hình kinh doanh là gì? Các loại hình kinh doanh hiện nay

In the Vietnamese market today, there are many companies and businesses that are growing and flourishing day by day. To be able to survive and hold on for such a long time, each organization will have to have an economic model allowing it to create its own values. SO What is the business model?? In such a booming time, which company is the right one? Let’s go Blog Tran Phu Find out in the following article.

What is the business model?  Types of businesses today

How is the business model understood?

According to El-Haddadi and Avion Business model is considered as an abstract concept of an organization. It can be a written, collaborative financial agreement designed and developed by an organization now and in the future to achieve its goals and campaigns.

What is the business model?  Types of businesses today

The business model is very important for the survival and development of the company

In fact, the current business model is known as an extremely important factor that every business and enterprise must possess if they want to be successful. Because it always creates long-term values ​​that bring sustainability to companies. Also, if the business or company sets the right direction for its business model, it will not just serve to generate profits or simply reduce costs. It also brings prosperity and overall development to businesses.

What types of businesses are popular today?

What is the business model?  Types of businesses today

There are many types of companies that companies can apply for

After understanding what a business model is, we’ll look at the most popular business types today, including:

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Related Products Profit Model

A fairly common model in the ecosystem of major brands. The most typical example is the Apple brand.

Apple has done a great job building customer loyalty to the products they create. Since, the launch of accompanying products, even if they don’t bring much value, the price is quite expensive compared to the common ground, but it brings them a lot of income like cases, wipes, paws. ‘iMac, … .

One of the reasons that can be mentioned is that once they enter their ecosystem, users can only buy Apple products to bring the best interaction between them. More importantly, they are linked together by iCloud, iTunes.

The Cash Conversion Cycle Model

A famous commerce site in the world that applies this model is Amazon. Have you ever wondered how companies with low profit margins can survive for long in today’s market?

Simply that they can ensure that the sponsors are always investing money in their businesses by tapping into the companies’ short-term funds.

How do you do business properly in today’s market?

What is the business model?  Types of businesses today

An effective business model must meet the necessary and sufficient factors

How to do business properly in today’s market is a difficult question that no one can accurately explain. But to be able to partially understand the success rate, companies and businesses need to understand these factors:

  • Main partner: Who is the target customer?

  • Main activities: In which sector does the company operate? What activities will they include?

  • Value proposition: What values ​​will be received? Is it possible to look to the future?

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We helped you better understand something about What is the business model? through the article above. If you need to start a business or a business, arm yourself with a huge amount of knowledge. Not only will it help you to be surprised, but you can also get great bargains in the market.