Tỷ lệ chuyển đổi là gì? Cách tăng tỉ lệ chuyển đổi trong Marketing

What is the conversion rate?? The conversion rate is translated from the phrase Conversion rate (CR). Play an important role in marketing the market, products, services or sales. To know and better understand the conversion rates, Blog Tran Phu Today we’ll answer questions for those unfamiliar with conversion rates.

What is the conversion rate?  How to increase conversion rate in marketing

Conversion rate – What is conversion?

What is the concept of conversion rate?

Conversion rate (Conversion rate) is the ability to convert potential customers, including website visits and likes on sales fan pages. Or the conversion rate shows the effectiveness of a sales and marketing campaign, of a product through the buying behavior of customers.

What is the conversion rate?  How to increase conversion rate in marketing

What is the conversion rate formula?

Conversion Rate (CR) = (People Converting / Website Visitor Rate) * 100%

For example: You look at today’s website visit statistics (viewed at 12 o’clock) and see that there are 125 visitors, 3 people choose to buy and 1 person sends an email with content interested in the product that you recommend. are all customers. Your conversion rate today is now (4/125)*100% = 3.2%

What is the conversion rate?  How to increase conversion rate in marketing

Formula to calculate the conversion rate

Ways to Increase Conversion Rate You Shouldn’t Ignore

To increase the conversion rate, you need to know the following knowledge.

Optimized interfaces

Interface optimization is necessary when customers look and want to know more about your services, when a beautiful and attractive interface will help customers pay attention, retain customers, show professional expertise, class for your business.

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Create clear and engaging content

Content creation is one of the important steps because content is the perfect place to convey the information and the message that your business wants to send to customers. The clearer, more concise, concise and easier to understand the content, the easier it will be for customers to get information about you.

Build many incentive programs

The call to action is currently deployed and used by many businesses, your app for promotions, customer service, helping to attract more and more customers to you, increase interaction, build business and customers interacting with each other.

Create a necessity

Creating a necessity will strike customers’ fears, when they feel anxious when they can’t buy products in time. Urgency motivates them to make buying decisions sooner. There are two types of emergencies:

  • Rarity is related to quantity

  • Time-bound rarity

The urgency created helps customers register to buy quickly and will wonder if the car should be bought now.

Integrate Live Chat, Chat Box apps, respond to customers quickly

Using live chat as a normal button makes it easy for customers to chat and interact, in addition to responding to difficulties, requests, and increasing interaction.

Benefits brought by the conversion rate

  • Take advantage of existing traffic without spending money on advertising

  • Create more trust, build a bridge between customers and businesses

  • Help find potential customers, build customer loyalty

  • Increase Revenue, Increase High Engagement

  • Upgrade many opponent’s clients

  • Helps to understand and understand the desires and thoughts of customers

  • Reduce the cost

  • Improve brand awareness

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Hope the sharing above helps you explain the concept What is the conversion rate? and related information.