Chỉ số P/E là gì? Ý nghĩa của chỉ số P/E mà bạn nên biết?
  • P/G cao mean market price of the business be Assess higher earnings. Market price there considered expensive.
  • low P/B that means market price of the organization lower Compare with profitable and considered cheap, it has the potential to increase prices in the future.
  • Besidesthe investor too wear P/E for potential analysis develop of the business. Yeah company potential develop high or profit for large shareholders, the P/E will be high. Contradictory, Yeah company potential develop low or problem Financially, the P/E is usually low.

Parameter What reflects a high or low P/E?

What is the P/E-2 ratio

Among themthe EPS variable is the most important. He Transmission ability create revenue of the business.

Recipe Calculate EPS:

EPS = (Earnings after taxes – Preferred dividends) / Number of common shares outstanding

Example: Assuming the market price as of October 16, 2022 for Y shares is VND 32,000, earnings per share (EPS) of the year of the business This is 2,000 dong. Therefore, the P/E of stock Y is 16.

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Index Popular P/E in Stock Investing

P/E for the fiscal year

P/E for the fiscal year is index Well grasp clearly in years like 2019, 2020, 2021.

For example:

Suppose company Coffee (Code COF) has:

  • The price is: 200.00 VND/1 share.
  • index EPS in 2020 in 4 quarters are:
  • 1,000 VND/share
  • 2000 VND/share
  • 2000 VND/share
  • 5,000 VND/share
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P/E in 2021 = 200,000 /( 1,000 + 2,000 + 2,000 + 5,000) = 20.
parameter normal PER manipulate to Assess trend develop actions in the future. Investors are usually wear index This to give decision should or should not buy shares of an organization.

What is the P/E-3 ratio

Parameter P/G cao

Index High PE is usually because investors are often willing to buy shares of companies. company up with a higher price compare with market. At the moment, index P/L of the company the top will be higher.

Howeverfor P/E because EPS low when the situation sell of the company least get a good result.

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Index low P/B

Parameter Low P/E at the same time of the organization ability due to many reason different.

First case: company growthoperation reached effective higher Compare with long time. Right now, EPS (earnings per share) is company paying investors more, resulting in a lower P/E. In this case, investors should buy because the stock ability price increase.

Case Monday: low P/E too ability do company get unusually large profits. He ability acquaintance of liquidation of assets, sale of subsidiaries… Are these sources of income? first appeared of its main activity company and not repeat in the future.


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