Ma trận SWOT là gì? Cách phân tích SWOT đúng chuẩn

WORK It is one of the most used tools in the field of marketing. A seemingly simple tool that brings countless unexpected effects for businesses. So understand about What is the SWOT Matrix? as well as capturing relevant information will help you use it correctly and most effectively.

What is SWOT?

There are many tools and concepts used in marketing and business. They are all developed with the desire to provide the best business plans to help companies develop better. And of course, it is impossible not to mention the SWOT model. So what is the SWOT Matrix? SWOT means 4 words:

What is the SWOT Matrix?  How to do a good SWOT analysis

What is SWOT?

  • Strengths – Strengths.

  • Weaknesses – Weaknesses.

  • Opportunities – Opportunity.

  • Threats – Challenges.

These 4 concepts make it possible to analyze a strategy, a business plan or the commercial situation of a company. SWOT is now widely used because of the strong effects it brings.

The most detailed guide to analyzing the standard SWOT matrix

For those in marketing or business related jobs, they will have to use the SWOT model a lot. The evaluation via the SWOT matrix will give many positive and precise results on the real situation of the company. Therefore, you can analyze the most detailed and accurate SWOT model as follows:

Strengths – Strengths

  • The work you are doing is good.

  • The advantage, quality or potential you have over other competitors.

  • Internal resources and benefits.

  • Tangible property.

  • Unseen treasure.

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Weaknesses – Weaknesses

  • Expertise is limited.

  • On these points, the opponent has an advantage over you.

  • Resources are limited.

  • Weaknesses need to be improved internally.

  • Points for improvement at the people level.

  • Contracts and terms are unclear.

Opportunities – Opportunity

  • Is there anyone in the market that offers products/services like you?

  • Competitors in the same field.

  • The need for the product/service you know.

  • Corporate media and press.

  • The regulations and laws of ministries and agencies create favorable conditions for you.

What is the SWOT Matrix?  How to do a good SWOT analysis

SWOT allows to have a precise evaluation of the company

Threats – Challenges

  • Identify strong and new competitors in the same business area.

  • Has the legal environment changed?

  • New request for your product/service.

  • Negative information about the company.

  • Customers have shifts in behavior and opinions with companies.

Detailed and accurate analysis of SWOT model elements will help you get the most accurate and accurate overview of the business situation of the company. From there, you will get the most effective plans and development plans.

Specific application of the SWOT model

The SWOT model plays an important role in the evaluation of a company or a project or a business strategy. Therefore, the need to apply and use SWOT is very great. Therefore, you can directly apply SWOT to specific cases such as:

  • Meetings to come up with ideas, plans or strategies.

  • Solve existing problems in the company.

  • Develop business strategies for products, services…

  • Planning the development of products and services.

  • Evaluate the quality of products and services.

  • Evaluate competitors.

SWOT Matrix is considered an effective tool to bring many benefits to businesses. That’s why it’s clear What is the SWOT Matrix? will help you get the most perfect assessments, plans, and strategies to help your business and business grow.

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