Marketing truyền miệng là gì? Hiệu quả của marketing truyền miệng

word of mouth marketing What is this? The effectiveness of word of mouth marketing. Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) And THE advice to be “enchanted” has become a lot The advertising campaign becomes “immortal” which makes any marketer wish learn. The next article will be answers all To ask questions over to you guys!

What is word of mouth marketing?

word of mouth marketingword of mouth marketing

Theo concept orthodox since Anderson (1988), WOM is a form of communication between two parties regarding comment products and services without the interference of advertising.

Remember the last time you went to a shop fashion or go out to eat because of hearing friend announced that “The store has a big promotion, come”, “The food here is delicious, guaranteed bathroom, price is it fair”… “Little advice” is close, not exhorting become Sources of information useful & more reliable than anything disseminate on TV or on social media.

Nature What is word of mouth marketing?

WOMM is the shape communicate between people, as C to C, these forms can be directly or indirectly via social networks or the telephone. From now on posts of the company transmitted to each other the fastest more in the community.

Have so much word of mouth marketing at the moment such as: viral marketing, arrangement marketing, rumor marketing, online marketing Facebook page individual,….

When leaflets or advertisements on television And THE device line the other gets boring And bad Normally consumer to use still believe the advice of friendsrelatives first at the time of purchase a product? there.

Jnaturally what to do every customer will be ready share give friends their articles you sell. Search together forms of word of mouth marketing in the section following Please.

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The effectiveness of word of mouth marketing

word of mouth marketingword of mouth marketing

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According to Nielsen, in 2012 consumers to use everywhere Global Tell them trust THE suggestion Since friends And more family total THE advertising method other. Thing there represents an increase of 18% compare to 2007.

Consumer to use emotionally attached to a business When feel I am heard. DSince is the reason For what a lot business have representatives business debate in regards to Products theirs with consumers to use.

word of mouth marketing have strength attract significantly with the business. Associations word of mouth marketing (WOMMA) has developed a code of ethics for the industry, according to there THE plan word of mouth marketing GOOD especially “reliable. Social, repeatable, measurable & respect customers, & don’t lie and don’t be dishonest.

Principles of Word of Mouth Marketing

word of mouth marketingword of mouth marketing

Have something special for you

If you too boring, nothing outstanding, For what people again mention Friend ? works for What are the points of your product or service? there difference, remarkable is the principle basic First of all word of mouth marketing.

Create a “trigger”

Let’s see when they to use your product, what do they like or dislike? Interested in what? To wait for to want What are the new stages of Products your.

If you convince get the things that customers wish, enjoy in regards to business your, by create a trigger in a new product/service, then they continue to mention about Friend And your product/service.

Do satisfied everyonewithout exception

When you bring to value, fact satisfied to the customer, the customer reference to you of course. ButNot true simple For satisfied lack total everyone, so you have to to try so much Otherwise to want những word of mouth bring poor value for money, notoriety for business Friend.

Gain someone’s trust & respect for the customer

Actually word of mouth marketing is about gaining trust & respecting customers. From now on create stories to reinforce And extend faith there arrive not only one but also many more customers. When the customer trust on you, they will always be faithful to you.

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Popular type of WOMM

word of mouth marketingword of mouth marketing

Product Seeds / Celebrity Product Placement – Marketing arrange

THE traders of long imbued assignment & The power of how to do word of mouth marketing via celebrity. Not only a simple compliment or encouragement to use which product there in newspaper ads to usethe work of celebrity personally to use product & put in the list of “inseparable objects”, “the most favorite elements”… help increase more confidence for consumers to use.

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Marketing Buzz – Marketing Rumors

It is form to use information disclosed to consumers to use Talk about your product or your brand. Incidents of “unintentionally” leaking information from the business technology before launching a new product become A must for any telephone company.

Community Marketing – Community Marketing

It is form of marketing by TO DO communities to from now onmembers can share information or images related to your product, service or brand. Community marketing is often present on forums or groups with similar interests…

For example, business Curnon watches from Vietnam have a group where every curnon customer can easy share image of himself next to the watch produced by the manufacturer.

Viral Marketing – Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a form word of mouth marketing 3.0advertisement products and services through Internet portals, windows appear in Web browserattached ads To post sent to multiple objects.

Many people still rememberexample A very successful example of viral marketing is the software webmail service don’t waste money Popular since 1997 – Hotmail. Hotmail foreseen user E-mail free but at the end of each To post They all send ads to sign up for an email account.

Brand Blogging – Word of mouth marketing on personal page

A For example typical of word of mouth marketing It is Microsoft Corporation that encourages its employees to blog to document the work dailypresent the technological products they have Creative spirit out or main life their family.

According to these person in charge of management of Microsoft, bloggers will create a “real” voice over businessrather than imposing information on user. & here too not sales channel to present the products to to increase the sales.

Grassroots Marketing – Popular Marketing

Popular marketing is a form of creation And encourage people volunteer Do you have a deep interest in your product – service or brand? transform THE cheerleader – People applaud enthusiasm.

You will be have a team sell volunteer Powerful and reliable can convey marketing messages 1 way agile & flexible than any other marketing department.

Evangelical Marketing – Evangelical Marketing

Building missionary marketing is not difficult, just simple discovered a team of volunteer members – propagandists Deliberate let them take care of themselves role introduction of main name & brand image of the company.

Of course, expenses support will be less a lot compare with THE advertising method other, but reliability for all time chief.

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Through the article above, I shared with you word of mouth marketing What is this? The effectiveness of word of mouth marketing. I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

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