Đầu tư gì với 200 triệu tiền vốn nhanh giàu nhất?

What to invest with 200 million richest quick money? Investing is the secret to making money the fastest. But you do not know What to invest with 200 million? get rich effectively? Then the suggestions in posts This will help you. Together reference posts Please!

What to invest with 200 million of the fastest capital?

What to invest with 200 millionWhat to invest with 200 million

Shop convenient

First of all Be shop practical, easy to visualize, the model will be similar to the shop like Circle K, Family Mart,..You are probably asking yourself the question “the shop like that too so why compete?” That’s right, This both good and bad for you when you start investing sell this painting. But In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons.

wrong here certainly channel competition shop Great convenience, such a powerful capital is also clear. Solve This then the position will be the point help you Victory, if you select set point shop its convenience to the small place industry competitors then you have Victory.

Benefits in It is What?

The line work shop Such convenience helped “educate” customers about shopping in stores shop Have price clearair conditioner, payment in several forms,….So when you open the shop so practical you will be There are already a number of customers who are used to making such purchases, which in my opinion is the number of customers there there will be many people And object there the “easiest to spend money on”.

Invest shop Convenience with capital is not too great (if the premises are your home), costs about 200 million can import items necessary topic begins. Sell a time you can to use profits to be reinvested shop its to diversity basic goods.

Open a hair salon

What to do with 200 million dong in hand? Unlike in the old days, Vietnamese people are both Vietnamese & female has orient oneself do a lot of hairstyles And more often as a form of self-renewal, stress relief brought positive energy.

SOFor answer to the question “200 million investment what?” then the barbershop will be a opportunity very promising to get rich. But is 200 million enough for the capital? below is expenses And profit expected from the experience of a salon owner at HCMC.

Dairy agent

In my opinion, given the general situation Currently, you will be business by It is enough to enter each milk line 2-4 cans, or about 100 million.

After a while, see which milk line is selling well, import more, Of the investment decision for shop how much capital.

There are 2 ways to import goods:

+ Import of company goods: from the beginning of the month arrive at the end of the month you enter line, Normally you will have to register for the import quotas of first monthfor each indicator is a bonus or discount, will be paid at the end of the month.

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+ Import Agent Goods: You can take as many as you want. Each sample, if you Take more, the discount will be the highest. They will give you a direct discount on your order, don’t wait the end of the month as business Again. So the capital of you will be no backlog.

Open shop fashion

Nobody can deny it sell fashion items are selective Perfect for starting a business if you don’t know yet business with a capital of 200 million. Combined online sale And straight into shop will help you earn income CAD & constantly expanding activities sellbecause of the need to buy And to use clothesaccessories, shoes are always very high.

Because the capital is 200 million? instead so once opened shop fashion you should just be careful of customer segment specifically as the fashion for me goodmiddle-aged fashion, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, …

To succeed with idea business shop fashion, in addition to having a high aesthetic taste, you must also expertise customer target analysis aimfind the ground, make a list merchandise, supplies, make a plan import goods, etc. If not yet open experience shop clothes friend can learn more here.

Open a snack to collect money every day

A lot you think This sell snacks follow only orient oneself nevermind. This correct, But missing. If you followed orient oneself then you can too follow THE orient oneself new. What to invest with 200 million When you Determined to open a snack bar? some main element:

  • Floor.
  • Decorate.
  • Trading tools: cupboards, shelves, pots and pans, tables and chairs, crockery, glasses…
  • Cash computer.
  • Materials.
  • Staff.

You should focus on menu quality of the food served. Add a grand and unique invested living room space. Your snack has absolutely chance become go to the point of most people.

Open a small restaurant

Try to apply for a capital of 200 million VND sell What bring to Fastest profit? You have desire Open a small restaurant? After It is some the question you need respond ass certainthe more detailed, the better for planning sell exploit:

  • What will the store sell?
  • Who does the store sell to?
  • Size of your restaurant?
  • Where will the restaurant open? (Stay home or rent space elsewhere)
  • Page price device for the restaurant (new & old) howWhere did you buy it?
  • Costs ingredient And provide
  • Bake the ankles Be, business Do small restaurants have to register? business Are not, procedure How to register?
  • What to do? customer known your shop?

Remember respond The more detailed, the more detailed, the better. Answers all problems above, you have already reached one plan business reasonable with its capital of 200 million. note is to save capital to maintain for about 3 months First of all You. & if you see Fitlets go development NOW!

Business library, stationery, photocopying

Business bookstores, comics, stationery are very potential areas Currently. With location fit, convenient because near the school; dense population… is an advantage for you.

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Simultaneously you will be To open a photocopier shop, it is enough to equip 1-2 photo printers, which will not take up much space. You can business add stationery of all kinds such as pens, pens, rulers… to increase the abundant product. DIt is Mini library at your fingertips there.

Open a cafe/restaurant

If you don’t know business with a capital of 200 million, at the moment you can invest this capital of 200 million dong to open a cafe or a small restaurant, invest And decorate bar style theo ability And its economy.

Business Restaurants and cafes are a work not only bring give you pleasure but also bring income entry is quite efficient. Butto hold you steady required experience, must have calculation in sell And ability good management.

These amount spent but you have to let go by shaking hands sell This difficult area includes: money for raw materials, device, costs for decoration, amount spent hire Humanelectricity, water, tax, advertising money, billboards, space rental…

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For what should invest the amount of 200 million to do business?

What to invest with 200 millionWhat to invest with 200 million

According to reports recently The Vietnamese have orient oneself highest savings world. DIt is problems cause a lot argumentative Currentlywhen registering to have solution expected because the future is Alright, but It will stunt the growth exploit & country especially.

AVERAGE each person Vietnamese can save between 40 and 200 million VND/year. However only 29% of respondents to use good money to invest Business development other. In SO this figure in developed countries is over 75%.

Instead of saving to wait for low interest payments, you can to use amount of money there invest in securities, real estate, gold, etc. plan business other. Only by investing can you improve the quality lifeearn more income And guaranteed funds be reinstated without slippage.

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Plan manage sell help you business hit

What to invest with 200 millionWhat to invest with 200 million

Software Manage PosApp

Friend can study system to manage PosApp with level costs as low as only 4,000 VND/day. You will be to use application very easy on the device line Available as phones, tablets, laptops, desktops. Or if you have a financial surplus, you should also invest in device line sell Professional yet economical like a machine business Handheld with built-in receipt printer. Just over 4 million VND is not too big, you already have 1 device line business professional & comfortable.

Invest in bonds business

Invest in bonds business It is an unknown form of investment. But a lot of people still don’t know And haven’t heard of this form of “gold mining”.

It is The form of investment is not difficult, similar to the form of bank savings. All you have to do is sign up, buy bonds of 1 business reputation, strong development in the market. DIt is investment form too almost no risk latent. SOhad so much Speakers And gradually transform orient oneself HOT of the year. Find out now how to invest in bonds!

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Through the article above, I shared with you What to invest with 200 million richest quick money? I hope this article will bring you a lot of useful information. Thanks for following this post!

Vu Thom – Synthesis & editing

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