những thương hiệu khẩu trang y tế uy tín, chất lượng, loại nào tốt?

In the market, there are many types of masks with many brands, there are even masks without brands. Therefore, capturing and choosing reputable and quality medical mask brands by yourself is a necessary job. Let’s take a look at the following mask brands with Vntoworld (listed in random order).

Unicharm mask brand (Japan)

Current Unicharm Mask is considered one of the best brands of medical masks in Japan today. This mask has many advantages. First, the clever and extremely unique design of this line of masks.

Currently, Unicharm’s brand of 3D masks has been sold in Asian markets, including Vietnam.

3M mask brand (USA)

What are the brands of reputable and quality medical masks?

3M face mask is a well-known brand in Vietnam as well as around the world. The products are found in many countries, especially in developed countries with heavy industry and chemical industry like USA, China, etc.

3M mask products meet N95 or higher standards and meet all criteria for an international quality mask.

Xiaomi Purely Mask

To meet the growing demand for health protection, Xiaomi – a company famous for the slogan “do anything” officially entered the mask market in early 2019 with a product called Xiaomi Purely.

LG PuriCare Mask

The LG PuriCare Air Filter Mask is a top selling and highly sought after product from LG Company – a Korean brand. The product has a modern and smart design, as well as periodic replacement accessories to help keep the mask clean and reused many times.


Brand Neomask Activated Charcoal Mask NeoVisionreputation in the world. NeoVision is proud to be the leader in the production of activated carbon air filter masks and sunscreen products in the Vietnamese market such as hats and masks. In 2010, NeoVision had the honor of receiving the title of Top 100 Gold Suppliers 2010 certified by NQA (United Kingdom).

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NeoVision has also been highly rated by ACP Global (Singapore) and certified as Trusted Supplier and Gold Supplier by Alibaba.com. Currently, NeoVision has exported to many countries around the world

EcomMed mask

EcomMed is a quality medical mask Internationalhas been exported to the best demanding countries in the region and the world such as Korea, Japan, USA, EU, Australia… The products are manufactured using modern, highly automated production processes and limited.maximum human exposure during production.

Vogmask mask

Vogmask is a mask brand highly rated by the American Institute of Occupational Safety and Health with N99 standards, this product has the ability to filter up to 99% of dirt, bacteria and chemical vapors.

Cambridge Masks

The Cambridge Masks mask is a product using UK Ministry of Defense filtering technology, which helps to remove almost 100% of ultra-fine dust particles, toxic gases, bacteria and viruses harmful to human health. The product is designed to be convenient, easy to use and suitable for urban environments when air pollution in countries is increasing day by day.

Karibon Max Air mask

It is a medical mask designed with 6 layers of protection, 2 one-way breathing valves and contains activated carbon. Products of Karibon Vietnam company, the product has many different colors for users to choose as they wish. The price is moderate, approved by many people in Vietnam and around the world.

dony mask

Dony is one of the most prominent brands among mask manufacturing companies in Vietnam recently. Dony not only thrives in the country, but is also welcomed by many countries around the world.

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Its masks have exclusive distribution units in 10 countries. Including: Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Belgium, Malaysia, Canada.

Tenamyd medical mask

TENAMYD PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY is one of the leading Vietnamese companies specializing in the manufacture and trade of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and functional foods, obtaining WHO – GMP, EU – GMP certification.

In the 1950s, Tenamyd Canada with its research laboratory and pharmaceutical factory with a team of over 700 employees founded and operated by pharmacist Bui Dinh Nam, Tenamyd was one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the South- Vietnam on a large scale in the Southeast. Asia.

Dang Khang medical mask

Dang Khang medical mask manufacturing company was established and launched in 2014. With the aim of bringing the best health care products to every Vietnamese citizen.

Dang Khang’s range of medical masks now meets quality standards for export to countries around the world such as Japan, USA, Korea, Thailand, France, etc.

Bao An Mask Brand

In addition to manufacturing medical masks with the Bao An brand, Bao An is currently an outsourcing partner for many other medical mask brands in Vietnam and around the world.

Anyguard mask

Created by the company – The leading manufacturing company with the longest history in the land of kimchi. The mask is manufactured in the cleanroom system using the most advanced technology in Korea, has been tested and certified: ISO 13485: 2016, FDA – USA certification and CE marking circulating in Europe.

That’s why: In Korea, ANYGUARD is a trusted brand and has been in the whole system of large supermarkets, retail outlets such as: NoBrand, Emart24, CU, GS25, Coupang, Global Network Worldwide, ANYGUARD is a trusted brand trusted by major partners: SamSung, Kimberly, Western Digital, Berkshire

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