Doãn Gia Cường là ai? Doanh nhân nổi tiếng Việt Nam

Who is Doan Gia Cuong? The businessman from Hanoi is a billionaire in our country, how is his private life? Through the following post, we will provide you with more content to read, find and analyze.

Who is Doan Gia Cuong?

Who is Doan Gia Cuong?  Information for youWho is Doan Gia Cuong?

  • Full name: Doan Gia Cuong
  • Position: Vice President of HPG. board of directors
  • Male gender
  • ID: 010453053
  • Vietnamese
  • Kinh
  • Year of birth: 1963
  • Place of birth: Hanoi
  • Hometown: Hanoi
  • Permanent address: No. 8, 15D, Trung Yen, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi
  • Office phone:
  • Cultural level: 10/10
  • Degree: Master in Economics
  • Current position: Vice Chairman of the Board and Director of Hoa Phat Furniture Company
  • Wife: Pham Thi Thu Lan.

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From 1996 to 2005, he served as Chairman of the Board of Hoa Phat Group companies.

From 1992 to 1996, he was Chairman of the Board of Members and Director of Hoa Phat Equipment & Parts Limited Liability Company.

2020, he is the second richest person in our country’s stock market, after Pham Nhat Vuong.

In early March 2019, Tran Dinh Long’s name appeared in the list of USD billionaires on Forbes magazine’s real-time list with a fortune of USD 1 billion, ranked 1756th in the world.

Hoa Phat Furniture Manager Work Steps

Mr. Doan Gia Cuong holds a master’s degree in economics and started working at Hoa Phat Company in many different positions.

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From April 2000 to November 2006, he was Deputy Manager of Hoa Phat Furniture Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited.

From December 2006 to present, he has been the director of Hoa Phat Furniture Company. Currently, he holds the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of the company.

Once Hoa Phat Group restructured its organizational model with 4 member companies in total, including:

  • Steel companies
  • Company of color coated steel and corrugated iron pipes
  • Agricultural enterprises
  • Real estate company

Mr. Doan Cuong is a senior executive responsible for agricultural enterprises.

Exceptional transaction of 2020.

In 2020, he completed a transaction to sell 24,000,000 HPG shares to Mr. Tran Dinh Long, Chairman of the Board of a joint-stock company of Hoa Phat Group.

The transaction between Mr. Tran Dinh Long and Mr. Doan Gia Cuong was completed under the agreed method on November 30, 2020. After the transaction, Mr. Long holds 864 million HPG shares, or 26.08% of Hoa shares. Phat.

Total family assets

Electoral Committee Chief of Staff: Preparing for Election Day |  Speaking - Interview |  ANVTotal family assets

Mr. Tran Dinh Long and his family members and related organizations acquired nearly 1.16 billion HPG shares, or 34.95% of the shares. At the current market price, the block of HPG shares held by Mr. Long and related persons and organizations is worth approximately VND 41.1 trillion.

And Mr. Cuong went from 65.53 million units to 41.53 million companies, equivalent to 1.25% of the company’s capital.

Who is Doan Gia Cuong? Previously, Mr. Long and Mr. Cuong respectively announced the purchase and sale of 24 million shares of HPG from November 27, 2020 to December 26, 2020.

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Mr. Cuong is currently a director of Hoa Phat Furniture Joint Stock Company. Under the leadership of Mr. Cuong, Hoa Phat furniture company develops rapidly. Is the piece of furniture most identified by office agencies.

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Visible property


As of December 1, 2020, Mr. Tran Dinh Long owned 864,000,000 HPG shares, or 26.08% of Hoa Phat share capital worth VND 33,523.2 billion, once he purchased a 24 million share deal with Director Vice Chairman Doan Gia Cuong.


In 2010, he bought a 6-seater EC 135P2i helicopter for nearly 5 million USD (nearly 96 billion VND).

In 2011 he bought a 12-seater helicopter with the code VN-D668. This helicopter is able to fly long distances from Hanoi to Da Nang without the need to refuel. This helicopter belongs to him and is currently leased to the Hoa Phat group.

Current assets on our country’s stock exchange

Hoa Phat Group appoints new general manager - Vietnam's Economic Life & WorldCurrent assets on our country’s stock exchange

Who is Doan Gia Cuong? As of December 31, 2020, Mr. Doan Gia Cuong currently holds 41,530,604 Hoa Phat (HPG) shares, representing 1.25% of Hoa Phat shares. The value of this stock is equivalent to 2,163 billion VND.

At the end of 2020, he is the 64th richest person on the stock exchange of our country.

Phan Thi Thu Lan’s wife currently holds an amount of 5,825,242 similar to the amount of 303.5 as of July 29, 2020.

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