Đoàn Hữu Thuận là ai? Thông tin tiểu sử doanh nhân

Who is Doan Huu Thuan? He has the reputation of being one of the 100 most typical entrepreneurs in the country. How is your personal life and work stages? Let’s find and analyze more content through the article below.

Who is Doan Huu Thuan?

Who is Doan Huu Thuan?  business informationWho is Doan Huu Thuan?

On the occasion of Vietnam Businessmen’s Day, at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Cultural Palace (Hanoi), a ceremony to award the Saint Giong Cup to 100 typical businessmen of the country was held in 2013.

The title of “Typical Entrepreneur of Our Country 2013” was voted by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) nationwide and awarded on the occasion of the anniversary of the day of Vietnamese businessman (on October 13 of the year). This is a form of honor from our country’s business community for business leaders and executives who have made excellent achievements in the process of establishing and developing businesses, helping to develop socio-economic status of the country and improving the lives of workers.

Mr. Doan Huu Thuan – Chairman of the Board and General Manager of BR – VT Housing Development Joint Stock Company was honored to receive the title: “Typical Businessman of Our Country – Thanh Giong Cup” in 2013 This is also the second Mr. Doan Huu Thuan has been honored to receive this award.

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Company position

– The company currently has approximately 400 ha of land in Vung Tau city, most of which are conveniently located in the city center or along the main road that directly connects National Road 51 to Ho Chi Minh City.

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– Some typical projects of the company such as: Sao Mai Ben Dinh Residential Area, Go Sao Residential Area – District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Gia Resident Apartment, Binh An Apartment, Lot A Apartment – ​​199 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Lot Apartment B – 199 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Apartment Binh An.

Development plan

-Focus on the main activities of investment, growth and sale of real estate projects. Mobilize potential resources to accelerate the progress of ongoing projects. Make investments in the acquisition of real estate projects or suitable land to be able to accumulate land funds, extract new investment projects.

– HDC’s realization that people are the key to sustainable growth has perhaps focused on recruiting and training a team of experienced, dedicated and specialized personnel, while acting on the use of the quality management system according to ISO 9001-2008.

-In addition, the company continues to maintain stable products and support services for the main sales activities of the companies such as: construction and installation of works, building materials and some other jobs. .

-Always put the goal of sustainable development for the environment, society and the community in parallel with the goal of economic growth in any project that the company invests and creates.

Major projects

Summary conference of production and enterprise activities in 2017, plan implementation in 2018 and employee conference in 2018 |  HodecoMajor projects

– Residential area on Ngoc Tuoc Hill 2 at P8, Vung Tau City.

– Residential area, HODECO SEA VILLAGE hotel at P10, TP. Vung Tau. .

– Hai Dang Office Building at P12, Vung Tau City. .

-Investing in the construction of a 27-storey apartment building “Binh Gia Resident”

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Company Outlook

Who is Doan Huu Thuan? The free economic agreements signed in recent times will create a premise for FDI inflows into our country. Rapid urbanization leads to an increase in the desire to create in the near future. In addition, government guidelines and book guidelines contribute to the transparency of the real estate market and attract more investors.

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According to BMI, the construction industry in Vietnam is expected to grow in the coming period. Besides, the abundant inflows of FDI and the recovery of the economy are also expected to boost the establishment of houses, factories and warehouses across the country. All these factors have a positive effect on real estate in our country.

Business risk

Capital and interest risk:

One of the signs of the construction industry is the need for a large source of stable capital to ensure that construction activities are carried out in the right order. Due to this sign, companies in this sector are subject to specific capital risks, such as insufficient capital or risk related to fluctuating interest rates.

Risks of acceptance and payment of works:

The peculiarity of the industry is that the time to complete the goods is long, the settlement is slow, the time the investor makes the estimate is not proportional to the works, the disbursement is delayed, which has an impact important on the progress of the settlement of the project, leading to not accurately reflecting the good results of sales as well as the revenues and profits of the organization between the accounting periods.

Commodity risk

GOLF EXCHANGE CELEBRATE HODECO's 30th Anniversary: ​​80 Golfers in attendance - Ba Ria Vung Tau Newspaper OnlineCommodity risk

Who is Doan Huu Thuan? The input factors of the production and sales process such as fuel, energy, building materials, etc., which fluctuate with an upward trend, are the factors that greatly affect the good performance of the business.

Market and competition risks: The construction market is highly dependent on the investment strategy, volume and progress of construction, during which the number of companies participating in sales in this field increases day by day. day, causing fierce competition in the process of providing products and services, putting pressure on construction prices, sales and company profits.

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