Fabo Nguyễn là ai? Gia thế gia đình ra sao?

Fabo Nguyen Recently, he has been known by some young people as a fairly famous youtuber. So, in what field are you known? What work or sale do you do? Find out more information through the article below.

Who is Fabo Nguyen?

Who is Fabo Nguyen?  Biographical informationWho is Fabo Nguyen?

His real name is Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, born in 1987 in Ho Chi Minh. In addition to his real name, he is also nicknamed Fabo Ngoc Tuan or Fabo Nguyen, Fabo.

Get a taller physique and stand out from others as it is up to 1.91m tall, the weight sometimes reaches 100kg.

He is one of the most famous rich kids in the world of HypeBeast in our country and has his own Youtube channel named after him and the content he aims is to share life, unbox branded products or collect expensive and authentic sneakers. .

To date, Fabo Nguyen’s Youtube channel has over 500,000 subscribers with a total of over 127 videos.

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The Guy’s Multiplier

In addition to his tall and reasonable body, Fabo Nguyen is mentioned with his wealth and willingness to play, he is one of the few vblogs about friendliness and kindness, so he is extremely loved by everyone and presses the follow button.

Hobbies and hobbies

Having an infinite passion for sneakers, at this time of his wealth, he was constantly looking for rare and branded shoes… knew that he had become a true actor loved by many in the sneaker world.

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Having a huge collection of shoes with results of up to hundreds of billions of dong, he even holds fan meetings to display the shoes he has worked so hard to collect, many of which are new and edition sneakers. limited number of well-known brands around the world.

In addition to Fabo Nguyen’s work, he also helped his parents run the restaurant, which helped him become a top vblogger brand and produced many interesting and useful videos.

Fabo Nguyen’s Family Background

Who is Fabo Nguyen?  Information, family history of Fabo Nguyen’s Family Background

Born and raised in a family with a long tradition in the electronics business, he is an extremely well-known unit in Saigon and of course his parents are extremely wealthy people.

Fabo Nguyen was born and raised in a family with a long tradition of selling electronics, it’s a very famous organization in Saigon and of course, his parents are extremely rich people.

As a result, his father, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quan, is the boss of the Bose Nguyen Quan electronics chain of stores whose main sales area is the exclusive distribution of Bose loudspeakers in Vietnam.

Family history

In addition, the family business also has a series of additional stores, supplying metal and electrical products to the Vietnamese market, with annual revenues of up to hundreds of billions of dong, which can be extremely cumbersome because your favorite is also understandable. .

Fabo Nguyen Not only Fabo Nguyen, his parents are also extremely passionate about fashion, which is partly reflected in his extremely impressive clothing style.

On his personal page, Fabo Nguyen also regularly posts photos of the whole family traveling together, especially since he has collected a beautiful wife, such trips and purchases are becoming more frequent.

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The private life of Fabo Nguyen

As a person with a large, rich and handsome family, it’s understandable that Fabo Nguyen has many daughters chasing him. However, he fell in love with Van Tiny, a famous hotgirl living in Ho Chi Minh City.

It’s understandable that there are a lot of girls chasing. However, he fell in love with Van Tiny, a famous hotgirl living in Ho Chi Minh City.

The wedding of Fabo Nguyen and Van Tiny

With a beautiful family and a handsome face, this guy also has quite a few followers. But he fell in love with a hot girl known to many people in Ho Chi Minh City, Van Tiny.

Van Tiny’s real name is Nguyen Hai Van, born in 1992 and has a rather modest height. On the contrary, she has an extremely beautiful body with a balanced measurement of 3 towers. Van Tiny is a girl who has knocked off a lot of boys at first sight.

Happy married life

Rich kid Fabo Nguyen: I'm proud to be born at the finish lineHappy married life

Fabo Nguyen After a period of searching, both officially returned to the same house on November 15, 2015. The marriage of the two went extremely beautifully with many famous faces present to bless this couple.

Van Tiny is also a real gamer with her vast collection of handbags. Couple together son Corbin. Netizens believe that Corbin is the boy created at the finish line. Although he was only one and a half years old, Corbin bought designer clothes and furniture.

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