Trần Lê Quân là ai? Thông tin tiểu sử doanh nhân

Who is Tran Le Quan? He made a name for himself as a telecommunications engineer and at the same time laid the first foundations of a Mobile World Joint Stock Company. The following content will provide you with more information to read, let’s find out.

Who is Tran Le Quan?

Who is Tran Le Quan?  Biographical informationWho is Tran Le Quan?

It is known that Mr. Quan was mainly one of the 5 founding members of the mobile world from the early days, when the company was just a few small phone shops.

Currently, he is a member of the company’s board of directors for the 2016-2019 term. He is also the top executive of Mobile World Joint Stock Company, a subsidiary in charge of MWG’s mobile phone store business.

Although he retired from his position on the company’s board of directors, Mr. Tran Le Quan still holds a significant stake in MWG through his company Tri Tam Co., Ltd.

Currently, this company holds up to 38.6 million MWG shares, or 8.72% of the company’s share capital, while being the second largest shareholder here after Retail Global Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. (holds 11.62%), Zing Content

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Through the working process

  • 1983 – 1996: Region II Telecommunications Center – technical staff.
  • 1996 – 2001: Sony Ericsson – Head of the technical department.
  • 2001 – 2004: ANBA Company – General Manager.
  • 2004 – 2007: Global Mobile – CEO.
  • 2007 – 2010: Mobile World – Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • 2010 – May 2014: Global Mobile – Managing Director.
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Mobile World and Emerging Billionaires

Who is Tran Le Quan? Mobile Global Investment Joint Stock Company (MWG) has just announced its commercial results for the first 8 months of the year with the achievement of 63% of its full-year revenue strategy. The remarkable point is that the development of after-tax profit is far beyond the original target, and the number of stores has also reached the full annual plan.

What do you see in business results?

Notable highlights of the MWG business impact report include: the continued conversion of potential mobile world stores (TGDD) to mini green electronics stores (DMX). Over 70 TGDD stores have been converted from January 2018 to present. In addition, the new DMX opening is also promoted: excluding DMX mini-shops converted from TGDD, in the first 8 months of this year, MWG opened 134 new DMX supermarkets, compared to 68 for the set of 2018.


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Product diversification yields positive results. Cumulatively in 8 months, housewares and kitchenware brought MWG 5.1 trillion in revenue (7.4% of total revenue) as new watches and eyewear were tested and sold in select stores and brought in 250 billion VND. In income.

Average monthly sales per store of Bach Hoa Xanh (BHX), lasting VND 1.5 billion for 3 consecutive months. The 8-month cumulative net profit margin reached 3.9%, an improvement of 17% compared to 3.35% in the same period last year.

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MWG Emerging Billionaires

The above result is the cause of MWG’s stock price soaring lately. The period of strong MWG stock price increases in the past was also the period of massive DMX chain expansion from 2016 to early 2018. From early August to the present, MWG’s stock price has been rising by 18%, from 106,800 VND to 126,000 VND/share.

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As a result, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – Chairman of the Board of MWG – has earned an additional VND 1.2 trillion since the beginning of August. Currently, Mr. Tai’s assets by holding more than 63 million shares (directly and indirectly) MWG have achieved results: 7,950 billion VND, thus allowing the businessman from Nam Dinh to rise to the 10th place in the ranking of the richest people on the stock market.

The appearance of two new members on the Council

Mobile World The appearance of two new members on the Council

During the board meeting of TGDD, there was the introduction of two new employees, Mr. Doan Van Hieu Em and Mr. Dao The Vinh. In particular, Mr. Hieu Em became attached to the world of Mobile since this company had only 6 stores, from an accountant position, then he gradually rose through the ranks to become a product manager.

Who is Tran Le Quan? In September 2018, Mr. Em was appointed General Manager of Mobile World System Channel and Dien May Xanh. In addition, Mr. Dao The Vinh is a very household name in the F&B industry, so far he holds the position of Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Golden Gate – this is the organization that owns the Kichi-Kichi restaurant chain, Sumobbq, Maison Gogi, Vuvuzela…

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